Mobile phone viruses: The mobile world seems virus free

The mobile arena and the mobile virus, yes you don’t hear that phrase very often, the mobile phone virus, and the reason for that is it doesn’t actually exist, not in a real virus threat sense anyway. There were a bout three different Series60 viruses at one time but other than that general the mobile phone has gone untouched.

There are many mobile virus solution companies that would have mobile phone users believe there are numerous untold mobile phones being hit by viruses, but then that’s how they sell their solutions isn’t it.

Let’s look a couple of reasons, firstly there are many mobile operating systems, and most are quite limited, Java was locked down, which happens to be on most mobile handsets. Many tech savvy users could spot a virus file easily. And really, what would be the point of making a mobile virus, yes it could cause some disruption but you’re not going to make any money out of it really.

All in all, the mobile world, compared with the computing world is very lucky in terms of virus, mobile handsets have been virtually bug free, and lets hope it continues that way.

Source — intomobile

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