CES 09 to see new Palm OS Nova?

Seems it is set that Palm is going to cause quite a storm at next month’s CES in Las Vegas by doing a grand unveiling of the next generation Palm OS, Nova.

Any details on this Nova is somewhat sketchy, but the word doing the rounds is that Plan’s engineers are really excited about whatever it is Palm are planning to unveil.

Publicity puts Nova’s commercial release somewhere around mid 09 which runs with what everyone’s been hearing and promises to meet the needs of the middle market between the likes of the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry.

Word is Palm want to create a mobile device which can “make smarter use of data about you,”, however until we see this Nova powered smartphone in reviewers hands all the rumours, whispers and blustering means nothing, so let’s just see what Palm offers at CES 09.

Source — businessweek

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