Telus HTC Touch Pro coming to Best Buy Canada

Ok, it appears that Best Buy in Canada is about to offer Canadians the Telus branded HTC Touch Pro, and Best Buy Canada has updated their website as “soon to be available.”

Canadians can pick up a Telus HTC Touch Pro in store for $199.99 with a three year contract attached though, or if you want to dump that contract it’ll cost you $649.99…nasty.

But if you are Canadian and have been waiting to get hold of the HTC Touch Pro it will be online with Best Buy pretty soon, although they just may disappear rather quickly, and there is no word on just how many HTC Touch Pro’s Best Buy will be carrying.

Source — Best Buy


One thought on “Telus HTC Touch Pro coming to Best Buy Canada”

  1. Mark Wardinger says:

    Owned the HTC Touch Pro for 3 weeks, sent it back. Actually went through 2 of them. The battery life is terrible, only good for 6 hours with bluetooth on. Needed to be tethered to a power supply everywhere I went. Phone was also very sensitive with the touch, as the screen was very touchy. Calls would get dropped, hung up on just sitting in my pouch. Pretty good other then the battery and touchy screen. Can”t get hold of extended battery either. Hope this helps.

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