Neoi 906E: Thinnest credit card sized mobile in the world?

Billed as the world’s thinnest QWERTI mobile phone the Neoi 906E has a big rep to live up to, and looking at the renders it does seem to be exceedingly thin, 54 x 83 x 10 mm, weight 88g.

The Neoi 906E is supposedly the first micro sized Java J2Me hand phone, and is apparently GSM/GPRS along with featuring a QWERTY keyboard, MP3 player, a camera of some description, and a microSD slot.

Other than that though the Neoi 906E is fairly run of the mill fair with a few shortcut keys on its upper right and extremely scarce on specifications. No word on when or even where the Neoi 906E is likely to see daylight, although the minimum required order is 500 units, and that’s without knowing the price too.

Source — Neoi


One thought on “Neoi 906E: Thinnest credit card sized mobile in the world?”

  1. Liuy98111 says:

    Neoi has the worst service I have ever experienced. DO NOT BUY any product from them. There are so many good companies and services provided. Neoi is the worst.

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