Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 vs. G1 vs. BlackBerry Bold Video

Now what happens when you put the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, T-Mobile G1 Android phone and the BlackBerry Bold together? Well you get a phone vs. phone vs. phone scenario, wonder which one will come out on top though.

The video review shows the phones being loaded with music videos and seeing how long each phone takes to load it up, the Xperia X1 took about 8-minutes to load a bunch of the videos, the G1 took 11-minutes and the BlackBerry Bold took under 2-minutes, so this tell me that if you wish to transfer a bunch of music videos the Bold is the phone.

The video review also shows a few other tests; see what one comes out top by watching the video below.


5 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 vs. G1 vs. BlackBerry Bold Video”

  1. H says:

    I hate to criticize, but this review is not well done and also i really think it is important to point out to the readers that this is not an accurate way of testing transfer rates between these 3 smart phones.
    The reason you found the blackberry bold the fastest transfer could very well be a result of your laptop dying/being restarted and your memory being flushed out/ your CPU usage probably was lower after a restart also.
    I bet if you tried your experiment again you’d find different results because this experiment is inconsistent and you have variables which have not addressed properly that will effect your results.

  2. Of course the video/audio test went wrong to them all, that song is horrible!
    just kidding (or not.. lol)

    Anyway, I’d trust the SE, it has much more experience on mobile phones industry.. so does Blackberry (omg, this looks like Obama/Mccain campaign!) lol

  3. Name (required) says:

    While i kinda agree with both of them and feel like the review should be redone for the speed testing i still found this review helpful. Theres a few factors that you didnt consider. Over all it was a nice try but hopefully you’ll do a better job next time. It seems like you favored the blackberry which is a good phone and depending on what you need out of a phone I would advise your readers to get it too. I think that the X1 is a better choice for me personally and for those out there that arent quite going to be using the device for business and school but more for fun. The X1 would have acheived much more with android over WM but maybe thats what we’ll see in the X2… That and a better touch screen and altered keyboard hopefully then the SE would be the top pick for everyone. Oh, and you’re kinda cute.

  4. killer says:

    you look kinda cute when your lying but its ok i tryed the phons but the best 1 i got so far is blackberry but the sony ericsson is beter than the blackberry and the shit you did with 1 min thats a lie so sis stop lying and hope to c another video with a pack of lies as well……….. thaks for the video

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