T-Mobile unlocked Android G1 handsets up for grabs

Want the chance to become a G1er? How about a Google Android T-Mobile G1 that’s unlocked? There is a website, UnlockedG1.org that seems to have a wealth of unlocked G1 handsets up for grabs ranging in price from $217.00 up to $500.00.

Basically what UnlockedG1.org does is drag data from eBay auctions for G1 auctions, one assumes that UnlockedG1.org is in some kind of affiliate program with this and that’s how they make their cash. However it is still a good place to look so you get an idea on what the going rates for an unlocked G1 is.

According to the UnlockedG1.org website, all G1 are unlocked by T-Mobile and thus done properly and not by using software hacks and G1 unlock codes; if you want to know more hit up the source.

Source — unlockedg1

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