Asus Glaxy 7 receives the hands-on treatment and gets pictures

The Asus Glaxy 7 mobile phone has just had the veils ripped away by Mobile Review, and they have a multitude of pictures taken during a hands-on treatment which tells us that the Asus Glaxy 7 is basically another Windows Mobile handset with a tired form factor, yet kind of attractive.

The Asus Glaxy 7’s build seems quite solid using metal and leather and incorporates a spiced up Glide UI, while on the down side the Asus Glaxy 7 which is rumoured to have an 800 MHz processor actually has a 528 MHz Qualcom MS7200A processor.

Same they when with the 528 MHz Qualcom MS7200A processor as now it just performs and ticks much like any Windows Mobile handset. Still, it’s a solid show from Asus but probably not one that would make people run to get. Hit up the source for more pics.

Source — mobile-review

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