Mobile phone battery life extended 12x by PhD student

The Apple iPhone 3G is a great mobile device, but the main problem with it is the battery life, same goes for BlackBerry models and even other mobile handsets; most users want longer battery life.

Well maybe they just might get it as a PhD student at Canada’s Carleton University may have just come up with an answer to the problem.

The student, Atif Shamim, hacked such mobile handsets and ripped out all the wiring connecting the electrical circuits to the antenna and developed a module so the connection can operate wirelessly, which he says results in almost twelve times less power consumption than normal, which undoubtedly means longer battery life.

Not indication if this tech will be used in mobile handsets, but I’m sure there will be several companies wanting to grab hold of this tech.

Source — Carleton


2 thoughts on “Mobile phone battery life extended 12x by PhD student”

  1. Emmanuel Sanders says:

    It is important to note that he reduced the power consumption for the wireless antenna by 12 times, and that is only one component of a cellular phone, this probably just means an extra 3-4% battery life since there are other HUGE power drains in a cell phone such as the CPU and the screen.

    That is not even a misleading title, its a down right lie.

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