HolyWars: Challenge World with Your Apple iPhone

A company called “Vito Technology” has just released a brand new application for the Apple iPhone called HolyWars.

Oh yes HolyWars is where you can challenge the world With Your iPhone, you can also create polls and see how people will react. HolyWars is your unique tool for creating polls. Answer the questions and create your own polls. Choose the category you like and go ahead. HolyWars offers an exclusive opportunity to see how people react to your questions. Spin the globe with your finger and check out if Earth population shares your point of view.

Real-time monitoring, when people take part in your polls you can see blinking spots of different colors on the globe. They represent people’s opinion all around the globe as every color corresponds to a particular answer. It may happen that America shares your opinion whereas Europe is against it. After all it is extremely pleasant to feel the unity with your nation about an acute issue.

Tune up the polls list*. If you feel uncomfortable seeing some polls in the list because of your moral standards or for another reason, you can submit a concern or just hide the polls you don’t like.

Default location. When you start HolyWars for the first time, the application determines your location and uses it to show the distribution of opinions on our planet when you choose an answer in other polls. You can download HolyWars at AppStore for free which is pretty cool for Christmas.

We just want to say a big thanks to Vito Technology for the information they provided us, just so you know “HURRY UP & DOWNLOAD” as this limited time offer expires soon. Download Now


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