How is the BlackBerry Storm Going: Good or Bad?

We want to hear from all our BlackBerry Storm Users and get feedback of how the Research in Motion (RIM) device is going for you?

The BlackBerry Storm received such bad press when it launched in November, with hundreds of reports saying the Storm was unfinished and that the clickable screen was annoying due to the fact it was slow and picked up the wrong characters the majority of the time, but with the recent update being made available to you, we want to know are you now happy with your BlackBerry Storm?

A friend of mine is now an avid fan of the Storm since he upgraded to the latest update and said that all the annoying problems are now gone and he is left with a pretty amazing BlackBerry, of course for people who just can’t get the hang of a touchscreen keyboard, you could just opt for the BlackBerry Bold or BlackBerry Curve.

But all-in-all the reports I have heard are now extremely positive regarding the BlackBerry Storm, even the slow switching between landscape and portrait has now been rectified with the latest update, if you have experience problems still with your Storm after updating the software let us know what they are in the comment box below (keep scrolling).


25 thoughts on “How is the BlackBerry Storm Going: Good or Bad?”

  1. David says:

    Tried the Storm demo at Verizon store several times including 12-21; with .75 update. Accelerometer was better but browser was very slow and froze once, which happened before. Verizon browser on other phone demos (Curve, Centro, etc) was much faster. Also browzer pages did not optimize well for viewing compared to the others and scrolling was very slow or at times non-existent. I realize demo phones can be slow but the others weren’t. I use a Treo 700p which is old but much better for the Web. I would pass on the Storm based on this browser experience.

    1. Rhea says:

      really i mean i cant wait to get a storm but then again that wud be my third fone…i am stucjk with my xperia x10 mini pro which is awessom but the sensers r crap i mean wen u txt it just without u evn doin it ,it automatically clicks on language geez thats just mad but u can love the fone its really sumthing very cute t look at /…do temme if iot nice

  2. Ganjaweed says:

    I Have been using the storm for 2 weeks now and I find it amazing.I have had no problems with it.The clickable screen is even more amazing.Its a matter of getting used to it..Before the update it was still great, I fail to understand why it got bad press.Some people are just biased!!!!!All phones have issues.I have used the iphone before,the call quality is terrible especially with the drop calls. The iphone is also a great phone , so is the storm, its just a matter of taste….lets be fair!!!! I`m keeping my storm.

  3. Asmar says:

    I ordered my first storm Nov 21 it came a week later, I had it for a week before the camera and video died I week through all the support forums to no avail I took it in to a verizon store and was sent another one in 3 days. Since then I have not had a problem, and with the new updates coming making the storm faster and more stable I only see it getting better, as with any new tech, but I do agree that the product was initially rushed. With that said I won’t be looking to another phone for a very long time

  4. Tommymt says:

    I am very happy with my storm, especially after the .75 update. The screen is fantastic. If you put some time in to get used to it it is a great phone. The browser is fine, but can still use some inprovement in selecting and clicking links.

  5. Rob says:

    I love my Storm. I was in line for 4 hours and the wait was worth it. There is a learning curve since this is my first Blackberry. I agree that the update is a step in the right direction and I highly recommend the device to everyone. My only reecommendation is that they incorporate a Flash player into the device. Thank you Blackberry I love the machine.

  6. Sean says:

    I have had the storm for about 3 weeks now. The update initially fixed all problems, but glitches have been creeping up as of late. For instance when checking messages the virutal keybord pops up even though i am just looking at my message list and not trying to reply. The virtual suretype keybord will pop up on the intial up right screen instead of my shortcut keys at the bottom. There is now way to turn the keybord on or off though. Upon turning off my phone it does not solve the problem either. I have to remove the battery to get it working correctly. this has just cropped up in the last day or so and has only done it twice. Any suggestions.

  7. Mark says:

    I’ve had my storm since a few days before Christmas and so far I love it. I was definitely nervous getting it with all the bad press and such but I really cannot find many bad things about it. I had no problem adjusting to the click screen even having owned the samsung p2 (touch screen mp3 player) prior. ^ As for Sean’s post above, the keyboard sometimes does pop up when you dont want it, but there is an easy way to hid it again. Just click the blackberry button at the bottom and go to ‘hide keyboard’….so i didn’t find that to be a big deal. Overall, definitely the most fun phone I’ve ever owned.

  8. Monique says:

    Well i just oder my storm and well i cant wait to get it. it will be here one tuseday so about i would say a day from now. im very happy and so i will get back with how i feel about it after a week or 2 .

  9. Marcus says:

    I love the device. I just got it about a week ago and I haven’t been able to put it down. I had horrible battery life the very first and second days but I have since tweaked the settings and the apps (installed Google Maps, Weatherbug, and Opera Browser) to make the best of the battery life while still having near full functionality(GPS is currently off).

    After doing that and getting the screen to the proper brightness (10 plus Auto Dim is fine for most usage) I have now been using the device almost non-stop for about 2 days now. Typing is flawless… I rarely make mistakes on the QWERTY pad. As someone esle stated it really is a matter of getting used to the phone. I’m a first time Blackberry user and I’m completely hooked. The Storm is a great phone. I’m not exactly sure where all the negativity stems from in some of the reviews out there…

  10. John S says:

    I just can’t wait any longer, ever since my birthday passed i’ve been waiting very impatiently to get this amazing phone… I went to a verizon store right around the corner of my house and stopped in to see when my contract would be up so i could ge tht storm and unfortunately i have to wait all the way until june 16th mayber even a month later and i’m getting bored waiting until that day

  11. Scott says:

    The storm. . is amazing. I have had it for about a week now and am very use to it. It didn’t take forever to get use too. . .I had an ENV2 before this and it was a very easy transfer to this. The only thing I have had a problem getting use to is the application menu. But everything else is great. I don’t want to ever give it up. . can’t wait to see whats next.

  12. Anonyms says:

    The storm is horrible. It is not good if you are a big texting. The other day i dropped mine while it was snow/raing and its all smashed up, the buttons dont work, and the screen dosent work either. The phone is not ment for texters and people who drop their phone a lot. Over all the phone is a peice of crap.

    1. Lisa says:

      im pretty sure anyone that drops there phone in snow or water it will not work? every phone cant be dropped in water, its not just that phone.

    2. melissa says:

      the reason whyy it doesnt work is probably because you dropped it loveyy. and normally if you drop something it normaly brakes,
      so its not the phones fault

    3. Rhea says:

      i really cant believ that…i am a major at txtin and boy oboy do i drop my fone…but the fone looks os good …u think the motorola defy mini is better…i am sorta a sucker for small fones

  13. Amber says:

    Ive had mine for 11 months and i hate it. there are times when i cant even answer when someone calls because its frozen. Yes i always update it too! Not sure whats wrong with it but im not a fan of my blackberry storm at all. I also heard you have to reset it twice a week. Seriously you shouldnt have to!

  14. tammy says:

    I had my storm for 2 months and i love the phone it sticks occasionally and sometimes the screen blanks out and i have to do a battery pull. Despite all the glitches I cant seem to hate this phone i still love it. Its not working right now and although i was told to buy a bb which isnt touch screen i just placed an order for another bb storm… sounds dumb but lets just call me addicted.

  15. melissa says:

    im thinking of getting one, what do you think they are like? not to sure, when ive asked people they will always say that the touch is terrible and youy have to actually hold down on something,,,,,,,,, is this true?

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