Apple iPhone and App Store has redefined the mobile arena

Back in the middle seventies, a mobile phone was mainly considered as a simply voice call only tool, and maybe the odd text message. But technical advances within the mobile arena have changed all that, and the biggest change came with the arrival of the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone opened up a new world within the mobile world bringing with it a new media rich mobile experience with its touchscreen tech and the like, and brought many more people to the mobile web.

And then Apple on the 11th of July along with the iPhone 3G launched the Apple iTunes App Store which now offers a multitude of applications including educational, mobile commerce and business, games and of course just fun apps.

Basically, the Apple iPhone and iTunes App Store has re-shaped the mobile arena and the mobile user experience, and has also brought about rival online app stores from the likes of RIM, Google, and Palm and with Microsoft offering an app store soon as well.

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