T-Mobile G1 owners to gain new battery life?

The word coming out is that T-Mobile is acting Santa this year by sending out a little gift to all their Google Android T-Mobile G1 users in the form of a longer lasting mobile phone battery.

Yes G1ers it would appear T-Mobile has been listening to all those gripes about the G1’s battery life being way too short and drains so quickly it frustrates G1ers no end.

And so to remedy the situation T-Mobile or so rumour has it, is dishing out a new longer lasting battery for their Android handset to all G1ers. Whether this is true we’ll just have to wait and see if anything official comes out of T-Mobile or if any of our G1 readers happen to receive one, drop us a line and let us know.

Source — android central


3 thoughts on “T-Mobile G1 owners to gain new battery life?”

  1. Adioftw says:

    You can use the Anycut app to create a shortcut that points to “test” (just scroll down the application list in Anycut until you see “test”) on the homescreen. Touch the shortcut and select “Phone information”, then press the menu button, select “more” and touch “disable data connection”.

    This should make the battery last a couple of days, although obviously you cannot connect to the internet or any data services unless you enable the data connection again.

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