2009 draws close as Motorola plan to axe another 400

Seems as 2009 draws closer more sad news hits the net waves as 2009 signals even more job losses hitting Motorola as they plan on cutting yet an extra 400 job on top of the previously announced 1500.

But is this a sign of thing to come? Will 2009 bring with it more job losses from other mobile phone companies who are beginning to feel the pinch of today’s economic downturn?

It’s always hard to say what the future holds, and even analysts can’t predict spot on every time. It would be sad indeed to see other mobile companies shed workforce to remain afloat, so let’s all hope that 2009 will bring about an upturn in fortune for all.

Here’s to a Happy New Year.

Source — cellular-news


One thought on “2009 draws close as Motorola plan to axe another 400”

  1. Motorola is not on it’s best days since 2 or 3 years ago, and the global crisis is helping this happening too, but maybe they’re cutting jobs so they can save money to invest more money in new products, and very good ones. At least we hope so..

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