BlackBerry Storm is a netbook says RIM boss Lazardis

Co-CEO of Research In Motion, Mike Lazardis seems to rate the RIM BlackBerry Storm quite high; he seems to blur the space between mobile phone and the computer world’s netbooks.

The RIM president, during a recent sit down with Cnet Asia, when questioned about his thoughts on viewing the netbooks as a competitor, Lazardis stated that the BlackBerry Storm is a netbook, only smaller.

Now, yes the smartphone has advanced somewhat, but come on, a BlackBerry Storm is no netbook, laptop or tiny desktop, it’s a mobile phone. A case of bigging up the BlackBerry me thinks, otherwise wouldn’t we see the rapid decline in netbooks sales in favour of BlackBerry Storm sales?

Source — Cnet


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm is a netbook says RIM boss Lazardis”

  1. Constable Odo says:

    Both RIM and Apple are claiming their powerful handsets are as good as netbooks. RIM has no choice, but Apple, could build one. Not that many people would be willing to pay for a $650 netbook from Apple. Netbooks are all about doing computing on the cheap and that ain’t Apple’s style.

  2. Dave says:

    netBook sales are soaring is because the general public still see a netbook as a inexpensive version of a laptop computer that is capable of doing all of the things that a “real” computer can do out of the box and the iphone is a beefed up “phone device” despite the iphone is a relatively powerful computing device.

  3. Netbooks maybe will be allways part of our day by day, but there are more and more smartphones coming out, it’s market is growing too fast and for last, so.. there is no competition, even because people want smaller and smaller things to carry in it’s pockets easier. :p

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