Red Apple iPhone and Apple iPhone Air?

OK, basically I can’t really make head or tail of this, but it appears that either Apple is making a red Apple iPhone 3G along with something known as an Apple iPhone Air and will be presenting these at Macworld, or this is a Chinese rip-off.

Somehow I’m thinking this is a Chinese version/knock off of the Apple iPhone, although I could be wrong. Anyway yeah, a red iPhone looks ok, but what’s this Apple iPhone Air?

Well apparently the iPhone Air is a clamshell form factor iPhone 3G in aluminium much like the Apple MacBook range and incorporates Bluetooth, radio, camcorder, MP3 and MP4, and ebooks. Anyway, for more info if you can decipher it hit up the source.

Source — apple.pro


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  1. Daz says:

    Guys these iPhoneys have been out for a while now (almost a year), I “out of curiousity” bought one of these and also a CECT A88 iphone 2G Clone to see exactly how good they were.
    As i expected the software running on the phone was slow and very unresponsive.
    multi-Touch? nope
    Accelerometers? nope
    I must admit, on the CECT A88 the screen graphics were shoddy and the apps were almost all spelt wrong but…the phones integrity ie: Build quality was exceptionally high. very solid and indestructable.
    Sound quality is absolutely awesome on the CECT A88 but the “iPhone Air” is horrible, it sounds like listening to Slayer with the volume right up on blown speakers from a Reliant Robin 3Wheeler and quite frankly the mediaplayer is just too buggy.
    whilst the A88 on screen graphics were terrible, the said iPhone Air was a vast improvement, it seemed they had hired someone to make the OS that could speak English, the icons were all nice and crisp, and it did have a sort of……dare i say it? …ah what the hell, it did actually look like something apple MAY HAVE designed, but as we all now know….they did not lol
    All in all if i was to give anyone any advice about these “iPhone Clones”Etc,. id say STEER CLEAR OF THEM, They are ok but you will be very disappointed, especially if you buy it cos the iPhone/iPhone3G is too expensive and you think it looks like it so…yeea noone will know, i got news for you, they will know, there is just no comparison, bottom line is……STEER CLEAR OF iPHONE CLONES, THEY ARE BAD NEWS. Save for the real thing and you will never look back.
    thanks Guys

    Darren (Kent, UK)

  2. Darren is right, the price you save on the initial cost of a copy iphone, is soon a minor issue compared to the user experience you will receive from one

    Granted, adding music is easier, and you do have a full bluetooth capability. But the User interface is plain terrible, and no light sensors, multitouch, 3d graphics, wifi etc

    Save the money for an authentic model

  3. Even if they are fake, they’re good fakes (sans the interface and all that business). Maybe Apple should take a hint and start giving us more options when it comes to the iPhone, because I think other companies already have (i.e. HTC, old Nokias, etc.). Apple may be ahead of the times with some things, but sorely lacking in other areas.

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