AT&T strangles EDGE user coverage for 3G growth?

Any AT&T customer noticed a drop in coverage lately? Maybe it’s because word has it that AT&T has been covertly shifting some of their covered areas over to the 1900MHz band which is weaker than the 800MHz band for 2G mobile phones.

The reason apparently is to make room for 3G growth which results in a poorer signal for those using older mobile handsets, which is a bit of a slap in the face for older customers don’t you think?

The dip is service has been going on since the ramp up to the Apple iPhone 3G back in July 08, but really AT&T should phase out EDGE before selling them on to customers and then strangling their coverage which means forcing them to upgrade or lose out.

Source — mobilewhack


One thought on “AT&T strangles EDGE user coverage for 3G growth?”

  1. Joel says:

    I think a lot of AT&T users are going to have a problem with this, even if their phone is 3G enabled. 3G does not travel well through walls, so what’s that leave you with? Sqat!

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