LG unveils GD910 3G touch watch phone

LG has unveiled the world’s 1st market ready Touch watch phone with 3G video telephony and quad-band GSM, the LG GD910 watch phone.

The LG GD910 touch watch phone has a full touchscreen, video calling and 3G capabilities and will definitely become available for purchase. The LG GD910 at first glance looks like a high quality watch and LG sourced materials found in watches to ensure the LG GD910 would be comfortable on the wrist.

LG’s GD910 3G touch watch phone is encased in high quality metal with a curved tempered glass face and is just 13.9mm in thickness. Te GD910 is fully capable of sending text messages, making calls, and video calls utilizing the GD910’s built in camera.

Full release here


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