Nokia N97 pictured at CES 2009

Obviously one of the hardest mobile phones to get a view of at CES 2009 was the Nokia N97 which was announced back in December 08 and with an anticipated Europeans release expected sometime in the first half of this year.

The North American release of the Nokia N97 will follow Europe soon after but as yet no confirmed date, and pricing is expected to be in the region of the Nokia N95 and N96 when they where originally released.

However, the guys over at Unwired View did manage to snap a few pictures of the Nokia N97 at CES 2009, so hit up the source to check out those images

Source – unwired view


2 thoughts on “Nokia N97 pictured at CES 2009”

  1. robert barrett says:

    If this has the same processor as the previous series did then this will be dead in the water. Its such a nice phone and hate to see it not just be upgraded all around.

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