New web browsers for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

There are a few new web browsers now available for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch; a few of these include the Edge Browser, Incognito, Shaking Web, and Web Mate.

So lets start with the free app Edge Browser, this one gets rid of all the clutter from the ordinary Safari web page to show in full screen, apart from the Apple iPhone’s tie, battery and reception bar all you see is the web page.

Web Mate is next at 99 cents; Web Mate is useful for the iPhoner that wants to collect a series of web pages for later reading, and offers the closest thing to tabbed browsing on the Apple iPhone, although switching back and forth from pages means the page has to reload every time.

Incognito comes in at $1.99, basically Incognito lets you surf those web pages that aren’t necessarily what your grandmother would ant you to be seeing, and clears the evidence after you close the pages including the history.

Shaking Web is $1.99 and uses the Apple iPhones accelerometer it compensates for small hand and body movement and jiggles the browser’s screen, although Shaking Web is still unfinished.

Source — pcworld

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