T-Mobile G1 Cupcake updates where are they?

T-Mobile G1 fans are eagerly awaiting the “Cupcake” OS update for their Google Android based G1 which was supposed to land on or about the 11th of January, but has now passed and T-Mobile seem reluctant to offer any news.

While every G1er knows Cupcake will bring an onscreen keyboard, email updates, MMS and the like, here are a few things the guys over at googleandblog have published on the subject of Cupcake…

Cupcake is now targeted for the end of January; T-Mobile won’t provide Cupcake elements to the G2 and leave the G1 behind; the next update will called be known as RC31 and will include Cupcake elements; no one has already received update RC31; when released, RC31 will be over the air but done in regional stages; for more of these facts hit up the source.

Source — googleandblog

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