Is the BlackBerry Storm now better than its first release?

According to an article the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Wireless has stated that they estimate the return rates of the Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm is in single digits, which Verizon says is standard for a smartphone.

But with the amount of bugs and software updates the BlackBerry Storm has seen one would expect the return rate to be higher, but according to some, typing on the BlackBerry Storm hasn’t improve with the updates and is slow and inaccurate.

This leads me to believe that smartphone are indeed released to the public way too soon in an eagerness to firstly gain back revenue and secondly to please public expectation. But it is about time these manufacturers made sure the mobile device they are pushing out works to its best ability and not require so many constant updates to get things fixed that should have been fixed before the device entered the public arena.

What are your views?

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One thought on “Is the BlackBerry Storm now better than its first release?”

  1. SkateNY says:

    Another rushed-to-market iPhone killer bites the dust.

    Apple’s Steve Jobs set the standard, and continues to stay on the same course: Forget about competing; just do what you do best. And you know what? If Apple wanted to do so? They have no debt and so much cash, that they could become one of the nation’s biggest banks right now.

    What irks me most about the Storm is that so many people were so willing to bash reviewers who forewarned them that the Storm was a broken toy out of the box — most notably, David Pogue — yet they not only bashed him and others who provided similar reviews, but then went out and bought one anyway.

    Nose? How does it feel to be disenfaced to spite your previous owner’s self?

    Worse than this, is the so-called “reviewers” and self-reported Storm owners who, seemingly paid by the word, told us how much they loved their Storm; how much better it is than the iPhone; how much better it is than anything else available in the Universe. These people are not only reprehensible for their moral failings; they’re disgusting examples of what the most mean-spirited, most greedy and most despicable among us can be.

    Stupidity sometimes kills people. Other times, it just helps people part with their money in a speedy fashion. But those who suffer from it ultimately get both.

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