NV Mobile watch phones on way to Australia

LG grabbed quite a bit of attention at CES in Las Vegas with their new watch phone and now we are seeing more watch phones come to light and hoping to grab onto the tail of LG’s success.

NV Mobile, obviously inspired by the attention LG garnered and is taking on Australia with their watch phone range.

NV Mobile has three designs in their watch phone collection, ranging from a child’s version the NV Motch to the NV Smart Watch. Prices start at $249.00 US up to $410.00 US for the Smart Watch. Not too sure if they will do as well as LG with them though.

Source — cnet


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  1. Dan Carter says:

    BUYER BEWARE! Please be aware that I have ordered and paid for one of these products, and have not recieved it for over 20 days now. I have emailed an enquiry last week and recieved no reply. I have called the mobile phone number on the website and got a messagebank OGM with no name. No one has responded! Unfortunately I now have to pursue my problem through the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection. Will advise on the outcome.

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