Vodafone launch 835, 736, 735, 235 and 135 handsets

The Google Android HTC Magic isn’t the only mobile phone Vodafone has launched this week, they’ve also launched the Vodafone 835, the 736, the 735, the 235 and the 135 making 6 in all.

Spec wise they run down like this…The Vodafone 835 adds GPS for it’s Find and Go navigation, a 2.4 inch display and 3G. The Vodafone 736 has a 2 inch display, Google Maps, and a 2 megapixel camera along with coming in sliver, white and rose.

The Vodafone 735 is the twin of the 736 except it’s only available in black and on PAYG. The Vodafone 235 is 2G with a 1.5 inch display and FM radio. Lastly the Vodafone 135 has a two line black and white display and thus headed for emerging markets.

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