T-Mobile USA to bring HTC Magic to US as G2?

Ok so the word is flying round the net that T-Mobile will be bringing a second Google Android smartphone to their customers later in the year, now the big question is, will it be the HTC Magic?

We’ve seen Google’s demonstration of their Mobile Gmail becoming offline enabled, and the HTC Magic handset they used was branded with the T-Mobile logo; so that being the case doesn’t it mean T-Mobile will be bringing it to the States?

If you actually look close enough, it has one less dot to the left of the T in the T-Mobile logo that’s used everywhere else in the world, but does that mean anything? I can’t see why it wouldn’t be T-Mobile offering the HTC Magic as the G2 can you?

Source — gizmodo


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile USA to bring HTC Magic to US as G2?”

  1. HereAndNow says:

    It would be silly for HTC and T-Mobile NOT to bring the Magic to the US market ASAP. It is a great looking Android smartphone and, by doing so, it won’t cannibalize Vodafone sales in Europe.

  2. Abe says:

    WTH is this fuss about? Who cares if the G2 ever reaches the U.S. I’ve already heard rumours that T-mobile have come to their senses about this piece of crap “google phone 2.” (so have like 80% of the G1 consumers) It’s just not worth investing in the device because there’s so much better hardware coming out in Q3 from HTC. The HTC Touch Pro 2 with Sprints 4G network and Windows mobile 7.0/6.5 will pretty much eradicate this puny, ugly, keyboardless “device”….

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