LG KS360 to be first LG Android smartphone

The LG KS360 or LG Tribe or LG Neon whichever it is being called these days will apparently be LG’s first Google Android platform mobile phone says T3.

LG did say they would launch a mobile handset sporting Goole’s Android OS during summer this year and it appears the LG KS360 is to be the device.

The sad thing is the LG KD360 isn’t what one would consider used by high end mobile phone users, and apparently even with Android the specs will go unchanged, which means still that same “last year” 2 megapixel camera…what a shame.

Source — gizmodo


2 thoughts on “LG KS360 to be first LG Android smartphone”

  1. frank leyden says:

    pc doesnt recognise this phone (lg suite) want let you cancel call divert to voicemail, customer support non exsistent, reccomend trying diffferent company/ phone

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