O2 and Orange gripe about Nokia Skype deal

Not so long ago we posted an article on Skype being preloaded on Nokia N Series mobile phones, well it appears O2 and Orange have got the grumps over it as they aren’t too happy about Skype taking a chunk of their voice revenues.

The word going round is that should the Skype Nokia deal go ahead then O2 and Orange will consider pulling their N97 stock and maybe even pull other Skype enabled Nokia handsets.

So we’ll just have to wait and see if Orange and O2 can force Nokia to forget preloaded Skype, or if indeed O2 and Orange stop selling Nokia mobile phones.

Source — mobile today


2 thoughts on “O2 and Orange gripe about Nokia Skype deal”

  1. Jono says:

    It would be dumb for them to do that. Can you imagine customers who are coming to the end of their contracts who are Nokia fanboys/girls or people, who then won’t be able to have a choice of the latest Nokias.

    Basically such a strategy would backfire badly for O2 and Orange. It would only work if all the big companies got involved, otherwise market competition would see them drop their market share (this is not a great economic time for bluff posturing).

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