Asus P565 handset dropped due to Garmin partnership?

The Asus, Garmin partnership gains its first victim today as apparently the Asus P565 Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone has now been canned.

The Asus P565 featuring HSDPA, 800MHz Marvell PXA930, and VGA has been dumped but it appears nobody is saying just why.

Asus and Garmin are keeping quite on the Asus P565 which has already been launched in Poland and Germany, but those expecting to see it in France are now out of luck, and according to GPSAndCo it’s due to the formation of the partnership. As there is no real confirmation it could just be rumour so if you happen to come across an Asus P565 in your local store let us know.

Source — GPSAndCo

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