Toshiba TM5-E01 second Snapdragon based smartphone at FCC

The newest smartphone from Toshiba is the TG01 handset, but what is this? Another smartphone coming from Toshiba and caught passing through the FCC, but presumably it is the Toshiba TG01as the pictures in FCC application say TG01.

Now it gets a bit contradictory as the user manual for this handset at the FCC says it isn’t the Toshiba TG01 but is the Toshiba TM5-E01, which no doubt if the FCC code number rather than its name.

So it does look like Toshiba has another Snapdragon 1GHz touchscreen handset moving through the FCC, but unlike the TG01, the E01 is a clamshell with a 3 inch touchscreen, WiFi, A-GPS, tri-band GSM, UTMS. Bluetooth + EDR, a camera, and Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

Source — unwiredview

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