HTC patent infringement may see German ban of G1

There seems to be a problem on the rise with HTC and Germany as German website Handselbatt is reporting that HTC has lost a patent violation lawsuit by IPCom GmbH who claimed HTC should pay a licence fee for some UMTS patents that HTC use in their Windows Mobile and Google Android mobile phones.

A German court has found that HTC has infringed the “100 series” patents which apparently IPCom now own. Furthermore, IPCom has also file a suit against search giant Google due to Google’s involvement with HTC and the Android platform.

According to the dirctor of IPCom GmbH, Bernhard Frohwitter, if IPCom can’t attain an agreement with HTC then HTC may well be force to stop selling UNTS mobile phones in Germany, and that will include the Google Android T-Mobile G1, and the soon to be released HTC Magic.

Source — the::unwired


One thought on “HTC patent infringement may see German ban of G1”

  1. Lynne says:

    After having Windows-based phones for years, I bought the T-Mobile G1 last week. It’s SOOO much better!! Of course the first app I downloaded from Android Market was “FART MACHINE” (it even has a timer for surprise fart attacks!)……But Android is the future, perhaps the iPhone killer!


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