Will Apple iPhone owners change to Palm Pre?

The other day we had Verizon Wireless surveying if they sold the Apple iPhone would customers come back, and now Roger McNamee is making bold statements concerning the Palm Pre and that he believes once the Palm Pre is out it will pull custom away from the iPhone.

Brash statement I would say; people purchased the original Apple iPhone because it was the best smartphone to own, and soon those 2 year contracts expire, but will they simply opt to purchase the Palm Pre?

Maybe, maybe not; maybe they’ll upgrade to the Apple iPhone 3G, or maybe they’ll opt for the Nokia N97, or maybe they will go for the Palm Pre. The thing is, McNamee is blustering because he can’t possible know what smartphone people will go for, so let’s just wait and see.

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2 thoughts on “Will Apple iPhone owners change to Palm Pre?”

  1. Lynne says:

    I just bought an iPhone last week after having a Palm for 6 years. The iPhone is so much better! Yesterday I downloaded my first few games, and the kids loved JigSee, which lets you take a picture from the iPhone camera and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle game.

  2. Lynne Silly Rabbit says:

    LOL it’s a bit late to get an Iphone right now don’t you think? You have a better phone just around the corner in the Palm Pre and aso Apple is going to Fix some of the things on the iphone thatt don’t work well and you have gott stuck with the OLD iphone model.LOL silly rabbit only nitwits would do that!!!

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