Nokia 5800 or Palm Pre: What would you buy?

We’ve been inundated with information and hype on Palm’s latest and greatest smartphone the Palm Pre for a while now; even Roger McNamee is claiming the Palm Pre is so great it will snatch customers away from the Apple iPhone.

All talk or what? So I’ve been thinking and wondered which would our readers purchase if given the choice of a Palm Pre or a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic?

We all know what the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic offers, and we have all read or seen what the Palm Pre reportedly offers, and well, as McNamee reckons the Palm Pre will drag customers from the Apple iPhone, maybe he thinks it will do the same with other handsets such as the Nokia 5800.

So my question is simply, given the choice between a Nokia 5800 and a Palm Pre, which would you buy?



2 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 or Palm Pre: What would you buy?”

  1. Bernie Molay says:

    5800 hands down!

    Nokia may not have a history of sleek and sexy devices, but they have a track record of great mobile phones that work.

    Palm also lacks sleek and sexy and has a history of failure (i.e. Treo 600, etc.) and new products with no innovations (i.e. Zire line)

    Also, all the specs line up on the 5800 to be an outstanding mobile device. An outstanding music player. AND an outstanding phone.

    If this Palm fails as bad as the last 12-15 Palm “innovations” will you really be shocked?

  2. timmylee says:

    Palm pre!! DO NOT GET THE 5800, i have owned one for 12 months now and have hard reseted it about 20 times, no exaggeration, its just full of problems! Also, camera in both are 3.2…5800 camera quality is rubbish, there are grains on the pictures, looks like some threw sand all over the picture, palm pres camera is very clear! also its got multitouch, plus physical qwerty keyboard, which takes abit of practice to get used 2 but hey…thats with all keyboards. Please do not get the 5800, i beg u!

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