Will Apple iPhone users leave for Palm Pre?

Like Palm’s Roger McNamee boasted, June 29th 2009 is the 2 year anniversary of the first shipment of the Apple iPhone, and he expects all those who use the Apple iPhone to opt for using the Palm pre rather than take up another contract or even go for something else.

This is kind of an arrogant statement, which could have the opposite affect; personally if someone said to me what McNamee is saying, I’d simply continue with the Apple iPhone just out of making a point.

I am quite sure Apple iPhoners aren’t as gullible as McNamee seems to think they are. iPhoners don’t just go for a mobile handset simply because it is deemed cool, they actually like what the Apple iPhone has to offer.

It remains to be seen just how popular the Palm Pre will become, maybe it will be as popular, then again maybe it won’t but seriously I can’t see shiploads of iPhoners throwing their iPhone just to grab a Pre can you?

So iPhone toting readers, has McNamee got it right, will Apple iPhone users leave for the Palm Pre?

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3 thoughts on “Will Apple iPhone users leave for Palm Pre?”

  1. RobertB says:

    The guy is a idiot. I would refuse to even buy a pre just based on what he said like IPhone users are a bunch of brain dead people not capable of making our own decesions. He should apologize.

  2. tomascco says:

    I don’t think I’d stay with a stale piece of technology just “to make a point.” That kind of thinking is what I battle each day trying to upgrade Windows 98 users.

    This is almost as “Beatles vs. Jesus” statement. There are early adopters who had to have the Iphone because it was the latest and greatest. I doubt that any of those who truly fell in love with the Iphone don’t already have a 3G right now.

    There is a minority Iphone group who put up with the phone because, face it, the phone part is junk. Great gaming device and time-waster, but placing a call is a crap shoot.

    Those who embraced the Treo as both a communication device as PDA are waiting impatiently for this next PDA phone. Gamers need not apply.

  3. ryujinjakka says:

    Apple iphone, though a slick device leaves alot to be desired for. I bought the 3G version thinking it was the best smartphone around but three weeks into it, I sold it because it simply doesn’t offer anything behind all the hype. To quote McBeth it is “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. I’m not sure if palm pre would be a better phone, but it doesnt take much to out-do the iphone.

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