Video Review: Nokia 5800 vs. G1 vs. iPhone 3G

The battle commences in the way of touchscreen smartphones, the video below puts 3 handsets side-by-side and they are the Nokia 5800, T-Mobile G1 and the Apple iPhone 3G, hence why it is called Nokia 5800 vs. G1 vs. iPhone 3G.

In the way of the size of the phones we have to say overall the iPhone 3G is the better one, the G1 screen resolution is lower than the Nokia 5800, the iPhone has a bigger display but the resolution is not as good as the 5800.

The reviewer in the video compares many things and instead of us writing about them all we say watch the video and you will understand more. Please let us know what phone you would pick out of the Nokia 5800, G1 or iPhone 3G.

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