Android App Wikitube: Point camera at building to get information?

Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC joined a group of keen Google Android app developers who are enthusiastic about the potential of the Android platform and these Android developers have some impressive apps to show off, and this is what he found…

The most eye-catching Android application was Wikitube, which the developer describes as the first “augmented-reality” app for Android.

Wikitube uses the Android GPS and compass to map info on places of interest, but here comes the cleaver bit, as well as seeing the info plotted on a map, the user can switch on the mobile phones camera, point it towards a building and up pops info on the screen.

Other interesting Android app were…Zenith made by Mobilizy, the same firm behind Wikitube, which does the same as Wikitube but in the sky, so if you point the camera towards the sky you receive a star map.

Source — BBC

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