Google Voice: Revamped Grand Central Web-based phone service

Looks like Google is making life better for the masses, yes we are talking about Google Voice (GoogleVoice) which is the newly revamped Central Web-based phone service.

Grand Central Web-based phone service was acquired back in 2007; Google Voice has many new features that will probably be exciting to you. Google have not done much in the way of enhancing or upgrading until now, check out the features below:

– SMS messaging: Google Voice numbers can now accept SMS messages and forward them to your mobile device and in your Google Voice inbox and reply from either one, as well.

– International calling: Place calls from your line and pay for them using Google Checkout

– Automated voicemail transcriptions: Users can choose to receive free fully-automated transcriptions of voicemail messages that become searchable in the Google Voice inbox.

– New forwarding features: Set up custom rules that allow you to determine when and where calls are routed, forcing calls to voicemail late at night, ringing on the cell phone only during off-peak hours and at the office during work hours.

– Gmail Contacts: Google Voice integrates contacts from the Gmail address book.

– Conference calling: If you’re on the phone and get another call, you can merge them – linking up to six people on a single call.

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