iPhone Prototype Firmware launches skankphone.app on home screen

The images of that Apple iPhone prototype have been dragged off the eBay website presumably by the powers that be; however, thanks to some ripped binaries that are circulating the internet the spirit lives on.

Although apparently no one has managed to figure out just how to run the iPhone prototype firmware outright it appears some clever clogs has managed to launch an app called skankphone.app from an iPhone 3G home screen, which produced the image shown.

Not too sure if this is the hoax work of some twisted minded soul in the iPhone hacking family or maybe it is some crazies in Apple;s iPhone team, but no doubt there will be more on the iPhone prototype firmware hitting the net waves in future.

Source — Engadget


One thought on “iPhone Prototype Firmware launches skankphone.app on home screen”

  1. Thomas says:

    You can’t get the app to actually run without 1.x iOS, it just crashes on the rather disturbing picture :-/ Remind me never to go to the Apple Store for a repair without deleting the app!

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