Nokia Intrigue 7205 on Verizon gets pictured

It’s been more than a year since we first saw the entry level Nokia 7205 clamshell handset, but at last it looks like the Nokia Intrigue 7205 clam has finally made it to Verizon Wireless.

Fresh images of the Verizon branded Nokia Intrigue 7205 have been leaked onto the net waves prior to its Verizon launch, and the word is Verizon will be offering the Nokia Intrigue 7205 in two colours.

One model will be all black with a standard navigation pad white the second model will offer a pink navigation pad. While other specs are a 2megapixel camera, Bluetooth, VCast video, QVGA display, mobile web and microSD slot, and a launch window of the 15th of March.

Source — phonearena

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