Sony Ericsson C905 faults cause huge returns in UK

There seems to be a problem with Sony Ericsson’s new flagship handset the Sony Ericsson C905 as apparently the word is it is being returned in rapid style.

Apparently returns of the Sony Ericsson C509 8 megapixel camera phone is as high as 30 percent in some areas, and the reason has been put down to software freezing and speaker faults.

Nathan Vautier, Sony Ericsson managing director of the UK and Ireland has said Sony Ericsson understand there are specific quality issues on early batches of the C905 produced in 08 and Sony Ericsson rapidly implemented steps to resolve the issue such as speaker problems. Vautier went on to say that Sony Ericsson will continue to work hard to restore the quality standards expected on Sony Ericsson handsets.

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158 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson C905 faults cause huge returns in UK”

  1. Rich says:

    I had nothing but problems with this phone i have had 3. Once where the phone wont charge, second where i cant hear people speak unless i turn the loud speaker on and the other where the cancel button and back button stopped working.

  2. steve says:

    i bought my sony c905 last year ,its been a fantastic phone ,camera is second to none ,but now the ear speaker has stopped working ,cant hear anyone unless i have it on speaker phone ,i think there are lots out there having the same prob ,my wife also has same phone and same problem ,so hope everyone reports this to sony ,so we can all get this resolved , as for me i am going back to nokia

  3. sam says:

    i had the phone since christmas 08. i initially had problems with it cutting out during calls. It died yesterday, wen i try to turn the phone on only the keypad lights up and nothing more. abysmal.

  4. samantha says:

    i have had 3 c905 handsets now in 4 month the ear speaker went on the first one the second one came and it was bent and broke my third one i have had for only a month and the ear speaker has gone again (shocking)

  5. jonathan says:

    I’ve had 4 of these phones from O2.

    Problems are:

    -keypad sticking, buttons turning “dud”
    -earpiece crackling and eventually not working
    -cut out during calls

    really disappointed with the phone, as all my previous sony ericssons have been great.

  6. jane says:

    i was just wondering has sony erricson offered any solutions or is everyone here just gonna buy another phone??…because iv got the exactly the same problem (not being able to hear unless the speaker is on), im on my 2nd handset and its happend 3times!

  7. samantha says:

    i am on contract so i took mine back to the o2 shop and they send it back to sony, after the phone has been back 3 times they give you the option of swaping it for a diffarant phone.

  8. Laura says:

    I got this phone from phones 4 u. After they repaired ear piece fault and it broke again, i refused to let them repair it and brought in trading standards to get a new handset, still sitting without a phone a month down line. Phones 4 u have no idea what customer service is and are an utter disgrace and i certainly wont be buying another sony ericsson.

  9. Matthew Roberts says:

    My C905 has had the speaker fault twice not and it seems no doubt it will happen again. I have always been a loyal fan of sony ericsson phones but this phone as indeed with the K850i are terrible and I will be switching away to the iphone , the problem is the release dates mean that phones are rushed out with poor quality and buggy software this will not change unless customers vote with their feet and avoid sony ericsson at all costs until they start producing good quality mobiles again such as the excellent K800I which should be the benchmark for quality and reliability.

  10. Kayleigh Morris says:

    I have also had 3 hansets since Dec 08… first one kept re-strating until it went off and didnt turn back on again… sent it back.. they did a software update… 2 weeks later the ear speaker went and would onl work on Loud Speaker… sent it back again…. got it back from the store.. walked back to work… turned it on and tried to call.. I could hear fine this time, shame the person on the other end could hear nothing! So finally they replaced the phone.. I love this phone and its features, but think mobile phone companies should actually test all the fucntions of the phones before releasing them.

  11. steve says:

    i sent my sony c90 back to sony freepost ,bt i did it recorded ,they said they havt got it ,i tracked it and it was deliverd to them ,i called them gave them the trakng number ,they then said they have lost it ,and didnt know who signed for it ,they are out of goodwill sending me the new c905 gold eddition result , happy days ,let this be a warning dont send it freepost ,if you do they may lose it and say you never sent it beware ,well all i can say is well done sony ,and whoever nicked it thanks you done m a right favour lol ,good luck people send em back now to there repair centre in banbury oxfordshire ,

  12. Grace says:

    I bought this phone in November of last year and only a few weeks after purchase the earpiece broke but it worked on loud speaker and recently, only 2 days ago, i’ve been experiencing problems with the key pad. The numbers 4, 6 and 0 and the right arrow all don’t work. I haven’t sent it in to get repaired because i simply haven’t had the time, but it really is starting to annoy me. I’m starting to think it wasn’t really worth the money at all.

  13. Chris says:

    Just had the problem with the earpiece breaking, only way I could hear anything was via my bluetooth earpiece. Fortunately Orange have arranged an immediate replacement even though I don’t have insurance. Fair play to I think, especially as this is the 2nd C905 I’ve had to have replaced! 1st time round was a problem with sending a txt message to over 10 recipients meant it was sent as a multimedia message rather than text and I got charged 25p for each message, was a bit of a surprise when I got the bill through. Got costs refunded by Orange and a replacement handset so am so far pleased by their customer service if not overwhelmed by the reliability of the handset!

  14. vincent says:

    Different problems c905 Ireland O2. Camera refused to work, demanding I open shutter when it was open. Finally they fixed that. Camera isn’t that great really when you zoom in you expect a lot more from ‘huge’ 8mp. Photofix is a joke. And the screen is small.
    Latest is it crashed, refusing to open applications. Had to download latest version software. Its also heavy, clumsy and your fingers slip off the keys. Thought Id never say it, but should have gone to iPhone, and its camera, though terrible, would do.

  15. Kayleigh Morris says:

    I had my phone replaced 4 times!! 1st time was because it kept freezing and re-starting itself! 2nd, because the ear peice wouldnt work and then the day I got it back… took it back to my office and turned it on, the ear piece was fine.. only problem now was that noone could hear me!! I got my phone back for the 4th time and I was hoping that the problems would be over with only to find that after 4 days of having an apparent new handset.. the backlight went and I couldnt see anything.. I took it back to the store, where they refused to do a exchange over the counter and I had to wait, without a phone until my new kit was sent out… I wasnt very pleased about this as it was not my faukt the phone broke and they didnt do alot to ensure I was satisfied with the service, I placed an order to get my new C905 only to receive a voicemail saying the order had been cancelled.. I called them back and they said that the phone has now been discontiuned and they have no more left in stock!! 🙁 NOT HAPPY as I actually waited for this model to come out before upgrading as I really wanted this phone.. so I get the phone, it breaks 4 times in 3 months and now I have to choose something else! I did choose the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition (TouchScreen) and I am so far impressed with it.. it has a 8MP cam and pretty mush the same features as the C905 but its touchscreen too..! I do wish I could just have a C905 that actually works.. but I guess Im happy with this one!

    I do however, wish that Mobile Phone Makers would actually test the phones completley before releasing them!!

    Also I was reading a statement from Sony Ericcsson saying that they have admitted that the “Speaker Problem” is a fault with the phone.. jst not good enough Im afraid!

    I have never had so much hassle with one phone in my life, in the past i have always gone for Sony Ericcsson phones as I thought they wer realiable and generally good handsets.. now Im not so sure!

  16. Marisse says:

    i bought my c905 a month ago and yesterday the DOWN navigation button failed. i was trying to send a message when i scrolled down my message exited. when i pressed down again, it showed me the phone status then when i pressed it again, it shut down. please help/guide me on what to do? thank you so much.

    1. richard says:

      hello i was just read your add about your sony erricson c905 did you find out what was wrong sony erricson c905 that kept shuting down os mine is doing the same please reply thank you

  17. Warrick says:

    This is the third time I’ve had the earpiece problem with my C905. I’ve told the Escalation Department at Sony Ericsson that if it breaks again, I want a different handset, and they’ve agreed.

    So I’d guess that I’ll be using a different handset within about 8 weeks.

  18. Paul says:

    I am on my first C905 after suffering with a nokia n96 for 6 months – now thats a bad phone! Hangs, is slow, crashes.
    So C905. I like it. Speaker is too quiet and based on comments here I probably wont suprised if it stops working!
    Shame these phone firms cant get it righ first time and not use their customers as testers. Within a week of having a phone I could report problems. Why can’t their testers!?!

  19. Kayleigh Morris says:

    RE: PAUL

    Hi Paul, tell me about it!! I acutally got my phone back from the Tech Team at TMob after the earpeice broke… I literally took it back to work, turned it on and the mouthpeice was broken.. but apprently it passed a Live call before they returned it to me.. i dont think so… 4 times in 3 months is broke… ive got the Samsung Tocco Ultra now and so far no probs!

    The C905 is an amazing phone and I would have got the same again, btu unfortunatley they are no longer being made and there was none left in stock.. i hope yours doesnt break as the phone is really good.. but i find the better the phone and functions… the more likely it is to have flaws!

  20. Tonis says:

    I am from Greece. I Bought a C905 at early October and it had a very stiff down key. I took it at a repair center and after 1 month and thousants of my calls they agreed to change it. The new one (it was without box only the device) HAD THE SAME PROBLEM EVEN WORSE. The key was impossible to press down. I returned it of course to the repairshop immediately and i made a lot of calls to sonyericsson headquartes. I beleve they thought i was exaggerated because they refused to let me speak with someone in charge but only with the people in the telephones. After 2 days they send me an sms saying that the phone was checked and found OK. I received the phone and it seemed better (it was stiff but opperable). At that time they called me from SE saying that Yes there was a problem with the phone

  21. Donna says:

    Since my upgrade in November the speaker on my C905 has broke 3 times. It had been in with TMobile repairs for over 2 weeks and is still in now according to the repair website. After visits to the store and phone calls to the call centre who said they would be unable to refund my £140 or supply me with a new phone I visited my local call centre to ask for a new replacement. They agreed to a replacement but said my contract would restart from this date so that means I have had nearly 6 months added to my contract before I can upgrade which is a disgrace considering they have supplied me with a faulty phone. I recieved my new phone which I was told shouldnt have the speaker fault as SE have now fixed this problem. I noticed yesterday however that the signal on my new phone wasnt as good in my house as the old one and the signal kept dropping off altogether. Now the phone keeps displaying No Network Coverage and I am unable to make calls or send texts. I have been a loyal SE for 8 years and TMobile customer for the last 10 years however I will be using neither in the future. Crap service all round. If my TV broke I’m sure if I took it back to the store it would be replaced no problem so why is it so different with phones?

  22. adam says:

    the c905 is a waste of time. had one for one week as an upgrade on o2. i was browsing on the internet then, nothing. the signal dropped? so i switche the sack of crap off and on again. the menu icons looked huge and what ever i pressed, resulted in it freezing up. so i reset it. then it wouldnt charge (the battery was greyed out) and kept saying ‘insert valid sim?! wtf?! it was only a week old! got a replacement and 2 weeks later, guess what? last night it did the same thing AGAIN! i am now using my old moto z10 which says alot really, as that is a replacement for my z8 which caught fire whist on charge! i dont have much luck with phones 🙁 what should i go for as a replacement? any help will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  23. Kayleigh Morris says:


    I would reccomend the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition.. I had 4 C905s in the space of 3 months!

    I got the Tocco Ultra a few weeks ago.. and so far so good! Fully touchscreen, which gives it an iphone sort of feel but then theres also the slide feature so you have the choice between keypad and touch screen.. also 8MP Camera.. so pretty much same fetaures as teh C905… jst less problems! 😛

  24. I got my C905 the day after it came out last Autumn and over the next few months the keys started to stick when texting so I had to press them several times. Various other buttons also started to stick and then last month the slide up part broke completely. The phone was sent off for repair and two weeks later it came back, and the keys are still sticking and now the music doesn’t work. I’m reluctant to send it off again as quite simply I don’t believe it will ever work properly.

  25. I got my c905 on Febuary 20th, it has been back for repairs 4 times with no result. My service provider Vodacom refuses to swap it as it does not meet the criteria for a swap out. My c905 likes to switch itself off, cant read the whole message in the Inbox when i receive a sms, have to forward the message to read it, battery life 2 days max, when i charge it the screen goes all wierd. I have been a supporter of ericsson for many years and have never had problems like this.

  26. georgina says:

    ive had nothing but trouble. The speaker has broken twice, the down button tiwce, the call button once, the shortcut button once, and parts have fallen off too.

  27. Albert says:

    I’ve had my phone now for a week and the thing kept freezing. I tried to switch it of but when i tried to switch it back on only the kexpad lights came on. I’m a first time SE user and after this week im taking it back to mtn and they better give me a Nokia replacement.

  28. cane says:

    my phone got it brand new within 2 days speaker went all crackly got new one then tried the camera 2 dyas later and didnt turn on thenb next nihgt it worked then day after stopped again

  29. Vicky says:

    I got this phone on a 2 year contract and within 1 month I had the problem with the speaker where it would only work on loud speaker so I o2 sent me a replacement. Now 3 months later on the second phone my key pad has now freezes and 3 buttons have now stopped working all together. I love the phone when it works. O2 are aranging yet another replacement but say they can’t offer to change make of hand set till after the 3rd fault.

  30. leonie says:

    i got this phone a month ago and although my brother has it and has to use it with the loud speaker on i was told that was a dud batch and that the problem had been resolved so there should be no problems.

    i had the k850i and was soooo disappointed with it as 3 months after having it the touch screen broke and had to send it back to be replaced which took over a month, then towards the end of my contract it kept freezing and as i had had it just over a year was not under warranty so was advised to do sytem updates everytime this happened, therefore losing any data not stored to memory card!!

    anyway…..i went for the c905 as i wanted something simple and was reassured all probs had been resolved…..however i now have the exact same “freezing” problem, only this time my phone turned to all different languages too!!! so frustrating as it took me 2 and half hours to do the system update and lost 2 games which i had bought within the past week!!!

    will not be getting a ericsson again!

  31. Celia says:

    I am so angry I could cry. Tomorrow morning a courier will be delivering my 5th C905 phone since November 2008!! I have had phone freezing, turning itself off, dial pad not functioning, only being able to speak with the speaker on!! Absolutely terrible!! I’ve always loved Sony Ericsson phones…. not anymore! Orange won’t change the model of my phone until I have the same fault three times!! Ridiculous……..

  32. Vicky says:

    Any one had promblems with the wifi on the phone?
    I got my 2nd c905 on monday and today my wifi will not work and its nothing to do with the router as my sisters phone works perfectly fine. I am seriously getting sick of the c905

  33. nathan says:

    ive had my c905 for a week and have had a few problems. internet didnt work for the first 4 days, still takes tantrums and decides it doesnt want to work at times. it wont let me OPEN my emails now. i cant send/recieve texts because the phone thinks it has no free memory, despite the fact theres a 2Gb memory card with nothing on it, and ive set it so that texts are saved on the memory card. getting really frustrated now. can store about 1 text at a time.

  34. s.watson says:

    I got my c905 in middle of jan 2009…after about 2 months the cancel/back button started to not work which caused problems…it also started to freeze and be non responsive to anything…had probs turning it back on straight away but would in the end..so i have now sent it in for repair…fingers crossed it will be ok but after reading many of the above i am not holding my breath!!!!!..may buy my daughters LG viewty..

  35. Chris.howard says:

    I hadnt realised there wer all these problems until this morning when i started looking. Got my phone in november 2008, and after 2 weeks the screen went and started flickering on and off. I put up with it, but then the earpiece went. 2 weeks later my phone comes back and the camera doesnt recognise that its open. Its been a couple of months like that and I\’m just dealing with it, although the earpiece is starting to crackle again and its starting to freeze and the buttons are sticking. I dont mind that.

    Then this morning i turned it off when sitting an exam. I turned it on again and the screen was messing up, with the text too dark to see, The language changed to some odd eastern european one, and it refuses to connect to my mobile network, as well as the screen constantly cutting out and the phone freezing. I now have a £1000 (contract) phone/ piece of scrp with no use whatsoever. It seems like its not even worth bothering. I\’d just like to know what kind of remedials they had writing programming/designing this phone. What happens if I need to make an important call…

    I\’m curently a bit f***ed off.

  36. simon says:

    only had my c905 2 months , earphone stopped working , sent it back, only had it 9 days it completly shut down , waiting for return , sony erricson repairs asking me how and what is wrong with it !! o2 shop recomended replacement . i dont want it now !! after reading all these complaints !!!!

  37. Laurel says:

    I have just dropped my phone off for the second time – fourth fault, third action. The first time the speaker went it was within the 28 day period and Phones4u swapped it. AT the same time the shortcuts menu button stopped working and I didn’t get a mainscreen display when I had a text (just a little icon at the top).

    The second time the speaker stopped working and I had the same display problems I switched it on and off a bit, removed the battery a few times and it came back. At the same time I was having problems with the down button but assumed that that was my fault for playing too many games.

    The third time the speaker went completely and the display issue happened AGAIN. I went to Phones 4 U who told me I needed to go to vodafone, which I have since found out was totally wrong. I went to vodafone, they had it for over a week. I collected it three weeks ago, all perfect and fine and lovely.

    Today it has gone AGAIN, and in the last couple of days the 4 button is being problematic. I phoned vodafone, they said that they should never have fixed it before and sent me back to phones4u. Phones 4 u initially said that my first fix would not count towards their ‘three strikes’ rule but subsequently said it would when I had a tantrum…

    Anyway, I think that the phone is useless. I’m really disappointed as I really wanted it from release. I also think that Vodafone, SE AND Phones4U aren’t really dealing with the problem – it is obviously unfixable and |I dont want it replaced like for like just to go through the same thing again.

    I have had SE phones for almost five years and I’m disappointed that they seem so unbothered about me as a customer.

  38. Jim says:

    I’ve had my phone since November last year and loved it. The earpiece stopped working last week which I could hardly believe. Have now searched and discovered that it appears to be a design fault. O2 of course have none in stock that they can send me for a 24 hour swap and are demanding that I take it for repair.

    IMHO, in view of the apparent design fault the phone is not of merchantable quality and should be replaced immediately for a new one assuming that SE have fixed the problem in recent batches. Of course O2 is insisting that they have the chance to repair it under the Sale of Goods Act. Would like to know really how that would play out as a small claim.

  39. paul says:

    my c905 keeps changing the language to chinese and czech and then will not recognise the sim or the battery, I am with t mobile and so far i’ve had 3 phones and 2 repairs. my advise to anybody in the uk would be to look on the consumer direct website or ring your local trading standards as there are some very powerful letters on the website to send to your network.

    T Mobile keep blaming sony ericsson for all the faults. do not accept this for your network as it is them that has supplied the faulty goods, and it is them who will have to take the issues up with sony ericsson

  40. Chris says:

    I’ve had my C905 for 4 months now, for the last couple of weeks my screen has started messing up, freezing, going really dark and green and i cant do anything. When i do eventually get the screen to work if i open the phone up fully it messes up again an if i manage to switch it off and back on, once it come on the screen is just like black and white static (as in if a TV isn’t turned it!!). Is this a problen anyone else has experienced with their C905?

  41. Nico says:

    Hi guys,

    I\’be had 7!!! of these wretched phones, 2 with speaker faults, 2 with loose sliders and 2 with software problems. the last 1 suddently stopped me from accessing my profiles, the current 1 turned my last calls list to chinese, stopped me from accessing my address book and all the themes disappeared!

    Orange keep giving me the same handset free of charge, however theyve removed the c905 from their list of available handsets.

    I\’m very suprised with s.e as ive had 2 previous w800i and k810i without any probs….


  42. Lisa says:

    I have had the same problem with C905, speaker went competely and screen started freezing. Boyfriend also has same phone and his has now been in for repair twice for speaker problems and buttons sticking.

    I took my phone back to Carphone Warehouse who only offered to repair it not replace it.

    Mentioned this in Phones 4 U and they offered to buy me out of my contract and I took the Sony Ericsson W995. Have had it for 4 days now and low and behold it is faulty. Network problems and cuts out. Waiting for my replacing which could take a week so now left without phone!! Will not buy another Sony Ericsson

  43. Gemma says:

    I’ve had my C905 since february and now the speaker wont work so i don’t have a ringtone, hear my music, alarm sound, message sound or keys sounds.

    Also when i turn it off for the night it wont turn back on unless i take out the battery first and put it back in.

  44. Tracey says:

    I’ve had a C905 since February too. I’ve just had to phone Orange and ask them to please, please, please give me a new phone. Guess what, same one. So its my 5th, yes, hear me, my 5th model. Why? They won’t acknowledge that they no longer provide it as a model. They won’t agree that its useless. All they do is say its part of the contract. My C905 history. 1. Lost the slide control. Open phone, nobody can hear me and I can’t hear a thing until i put it on speaker phone. 2. Can use any of the top row of numbers, key pad gone. 3. Slide control again, can’t har, and can’t speak. Oh, and double up, key pad went. 4. Latest, keys again. Main control key to be precise. Can’t do anything as I can’t “select”. Yay. Cant wait until my 5th model. A …. wait for it …. C905. Goody goody. I’ve had Sony Ericssons for the past 9 years. My 2nd and 3rd SEs are being used by my kids (think hard impact). Both work fine. My options, should I consider it possible to have any, are to a) buy myself out of the remainder of the 12 month Orange contract (sorry, phone not worth it) or b) accept my 5th replacement. Yay!!! Guess I’ll buy a £20 motorola and ditch the C905. Crap.

  45. Jason says:

    hey guys well ive got this phone and withing 2 weeks i can no longer get my wireless to work even after i reinstall the firmware from the se updater
    i am not impressed with the crappy build quality on these handsets not one bit
    but saying that i cant fault the camera
    just the shitty wifi it was fine then said disconected from my wifi and now it wont find anything or show me its mac adress its 00-00-00-00-00-00
    i wish i could fix this thing with a software update but that dont work so im guessing it needs to go and be repaird

  46. mc says:

    I got my C905 from Dialaphone (T-Mobile 12 month contract) in March 09. At the beginning of June the earpiece audio went – I couldn’t hear people but they could hear me. It was sent off for repair to Dialaphone/A-Novo repair centre in Norwich. They debranded the phone (removed T-Mobiles branding) and flashed the phone – they didn’t replace any cable. Got it back a week later and it worked perfectly until a few days ago when the phone began to freeze and then the colours on the screen/display became distorted. Photos would appear fuzzy and the phone would turn itself off. If I switched it back on the screen/display would remain black/blank although you could tell the phone was on as the keypad’s LEDs were lit. I tried reinstalling the software from the SE website (update service) but this didn’t help. It has now been sent back to Dialaphone/Anovo in Norwich to be repaired again.

  47. Ammy says:

    i have had only two problems with my phone. the first one, all my contacts, photos, music, videos etc all disappeared, and didn’t come back until 2 days later. the second fault was my phone kept switching off, but then it wouldn’t turn back on, it eventually turned on, but the battery was low, so i tried to charge it, but it wouldn’t charge. it just came up with please insert a sony ericson battery, or something similiar to that. i’ve never had a problem with any of my other phones, expept this one.

  48. amy says:

    i’ve had my phone since christmas and its already been back once to be repaired for the ear piece not working. also the up and down button stuck. and the slider was very loose.

    soooo i got it back and for about three months i haven’t had many problems with it apart from it can be quite slow but tonight my up button stopped working and i really need to fix it and i have no idea how 🙁 can anyone help

    and does anyone know if orange would offer to swap my phone i’m really sick of it

  49. Lyns says:

    check your batch number….on the silver thing under the battery anything that start 09W.. means its an 09 phone a few reviews have said that the bugs on the earpiece have been fixed. mine is an 09W07 so should be 2009 phone built in week 7..my only issue touch wood is that my phone switches to ’emergency calls only’ even when i am in a high signal area. 02 said to reboot it and it should fix it, not so sure, am just waiting to see what else happens. other than that its a great phone

  50. Brian Smith says:

    My second handset from o2 since December 08 has just developed an odd keypad fault; 4, 6, 0, left cursor and top left media button have all stopped working. I had this as a replacement in February as the first one just switched off one day and refused to come back on. O2 were really quick and I actually had the replacement within 48 hours, before I’d even sent back the original.

    Just waiting to hear back from them now to see what they’re going to do this time.

    The phone’s great overall, the camera’s superb for when I don’t have any of my other camera’s to hand. The keyboard isn’t the best I’ve used though, texting can be a bit hit-and-miss at times. Would recommend to others, even more so if SE sorted out all the problems appearing in this discussion

  51. Jonny says:

    Had my C905 for an=bout 6 months of my 18 month O2 contract now. So far so good, love the phone, but just starting to develop a couple of little faults; 1- No longer displayed the sender and first line of text when rcvd, just the envelope in top of screen, then changed back to displaying again 2 days later all on its own? 2 – Has now started occasionally to turn off when you close the slider – Champion! I will be taking this up with 02 – but here’s some advice for the rest of you struggling to get replacements – Quote the “SALE OF GOODS ACT 1979” This states that all goods should be “fit for purpose” for at least 5 years – and that yo are entitled to a replcement if there is an inherent fault – all the above faults would seem to fall into this category so demand a replacement! Only thing is I’m not sure of you’ve technically “bought” the phone when you get it free ona contract? But the Sale of Goods Act does work – My mate got a new Laptop from PC World after quoting it when his broke after 2 yrs! GOOD LUCK!

  52. Harvi says:

    Had 3 C905’s i am in a 24 month contract with orange and within the frist week of the contract i had a charging problem got a replacement from orange and the 2nd phone then began to have problems with the keypad as the 3 button went dead 3rd phone after less then a month the screen would switch off while in calls and i was left unable to read anything off the screen. Orange have now replaced the handset with the W995 have to say the cust service i have received was great from orange… fingers crossed i wont have any problems with this one

  53. Stephen Clark says:

    I have had 5 replacements now of the C905. FIVE!!! First three replacements were down to the speaker problem everyone else is talking about. The other two are problems with the display. A text message comes through and the phone asks me to delete some message to make room for the new ones, and subsequently the phone crashes and fails to display the screen once restarted.

    What an absolute joke! Utter shambles!

    Think i’ll be changing model when this next replacement fails. And i’ll be demanding my £80 back off orange for what I paid for it!

  54. Ian says:

    Wow seems many have problems with this phone eh?!

    I have just experienced the problem in which the down navigation thinks its the end call/back to main menu button which makes using the internet impossible.

    I am a UK Customer with T-Mobile and have had the phone about a month and a half. What am I best to do now would people suggest?


    thanks for any help

  55. Lindsie says:

    i got this phone on contract from orange last year and the first thing i knowsted was that the camera taking video near half the time it stopped the didn’t save the video i just took and not even had the phone 4-5month and it just stopped working all together on me saying that the battery that was inside it wasn’t the right one and cause of that it didn’t charge and it didn’t have any network coverage also. i was given a replacement just yesterday and on this one the slip top is to loose than the first one i had before.

  56. babidoll says:

    this phone is an absolute joke!!!had 3 in the space of 2 months!!!first one screen gflashed off then told me to use a sony ericcson battery charger- which i was doing. second one switched off then screen would not turn on and the third one i was given did not even work!!!!i will never again use a sony ericcson phone!!!am going back to nokias!!!!!

  57. Ellis says:

    Had 2 of these awful phones from o2…speaker broke..software died. keypad and screen don’t link..language changed to Russian and Japanese! battery won’t charge because it apparently “isn’t Sony Ericsson”…o2 finally sending me a Samsung Tocco Ultra!!!

  58. jay says:

    I brought the phone and there was so many problems when i sent it for repair i was recieved a brand new one. Now the new one has gone wrong. The two phones seemed to have gone wrong in a couple of months. I now hate the model and is bad when i have had two and both breaks. Not worth buying at all.

  59. Vicky says:

    My phone has crashed, turned it off went to bed…woke turned it on to it telling me to put in the correct sim card, mmm it is the correct one, its mine! Then it finally turned on but didn’t recognise itself as phone and the screen was black, then it wouldn’t turn off got extremely hot so I took the battery out. Weird!!! My speaker, keys etc all worked fine, I know my sim card it fine. I am gutted as I love this phone….back to the shop I go 🙁

  60. richard says:

    Disaster of a phone. Im on my 4th repair and its going in again. The speaker starts to crackle when the person speaks etc and its soo anoying. I have only had mine back 2 days and the problem started, 3 mobile say they will not offer a different handset as its not in their terms! Unlike o2 they say. Which i think is unfair, as i dont want another c905 as its usless and im sick of getting this phone replaced. What can i do?

  61. Aamrita Jain says:

    I have always been using sony ericsson for more than 7 years and have used various models. I recently bought c905 and it is giving me lot of troubles.
    The earpiece is stopped working. The phone hangs often and software malfunctions like some other action is taken by pressing buttons.

    Although pictures are very clear and really like the phone but can’t use it as it doesnt work

  62. Gerry says:

    Well I thought I was unlucky having to have two repairs to the earphone as I was only able to hear the caller with the speaker turned on. However I see many of you guys have had more problems than me.
    I’m based in Malaysia and bought the phone here so it’s not only the UK that’s suffering!
    I for one will never buy Sony /E again!

  63. von says:

    Ive had 5 since 27th March 2009, keep getting replaced by orange with phones that are just as bad, I wnt a different handset alltogether ive spent £1900 with them since last feb and they are now bein arseholes! Had it freezing and deleting everything, wifi not working, no signal, having signal but want make calls, earpiece breaking. the fone needs condemming, it would be a great fone tho its a shame!!!

  64. saz-star21 says:

    I wish i had found this forum BEFORE i got the C905!

    Got the phone is April, just over a month later I realised that the battery was not charging as long as it should. Took it back to CPW (Car Phone Warehouse) it went away for repair for two weeks. Came back still broken. Went away for another 2 week repair. Came back WORSE than before! Again CPW send it away for repair. Their repair centre finally admit they have no idea what the issue is and can’t fix it. Sony Ericsson step in. 3 weeks later its fixed! They replaced a connector or something.

    Anyway Im thinking hooray finally success and a working phone. 3 weeks after the last repair the speaker breaks. I can hear people normally but the alarm makes no noise, it wont work in loudspeaker and I get no sound with calls or texts!!

    Im so frustrated! I don’t want to have to go through the “3 fix then manufacturer” repair rule again as CPW’s repair centre are clueless. i just want a phone that works!


  65. matthew says:

    It died today, when i tried to turn the phone on only the keypad lights up and nothing more. previous to this phone i had 3 sony ericsson k850i’s all with the same problem.

  66. Tonis says:

    Hi. I am from greece and it is the second time i write for this phone (C905). Now i have the earpiece dead. In my previous problem with it (vesy stiff dpad) i had asked the repair center to check the cable that connects the two pieces of the phone (it suppose to be a modification that prohibits the problem from happening) and they told me that it was ok and will not have the earpiece problem. But reality had diferent opinion and earpiece is dead. This phone is really sadistic with his owners

  67. Vicky says:

    Hi, I am having the same problems with the loud speaker having to be on to hear, its so annoying, especially as it was ok last night then this morning it was broken, 02 want me to send it to get it repaired which will take 4-5 weeks! Is it worth it or should I ask for a new contract handset?

  68. oecken says:

    Same as above really, now on my 4th one, all the same problem with the earpeice not working, only loud speaker, for any of you still having the problem not being able to hear whilst on a call, mute the microphone whilst on the call, then unmute it and the sound in the earpiece will work again, due to software i presume, and should work for a few calls after, not ideal, but when you need to make a call it helps!

  69. Andrew says:

    My C905 broke this week – firstly the “c” button has stopped working and then today, half way through a call it cut out. I turned it back on and was asked for my pin – once i had entered this it booted up but I can’t access my network (t-mobile) and I can’t access my contacts. Taking it into Carphone Warehouse tomorrow – I hope it gets fixed!!

  70. Im on my first phone, and living with the large list of faults at the moment.

    #1 within the first few weeks I started to be cut of durin calls, found this out to be a problem with the slider… a little tap and it woudl think i closed it so would hang up the call. I got around this by disabling the hang up on close feature.

    #2 in the last two days, my phone no longer regionises that the slider is open/closed atall. so will no longer automaticle lock/unlock and refuses to bacllight the key pad as it thinks the keypad is cloesd (thankfully you can still use the keys, as long as you can see them anyway).

    #3 intermittantly the <, 4, 6 + 0 keys wont work. You press them and the phone says “do you wish to continue play back through the speaker”. Leave the phone for a few hours and it startes to work fine again. Switching it off/on, removing the battery etc… does not speed up the resolution of this problem.

    #4 The phone randomly restarts itself. this can be when im using it, playing a game, on the internet, on a call or when its just in my pocket or desk at work. THe screen goes blank, and then 30 seconds later will vibrate slightly, as the phone starts up again.

  71. KL says:

    Well i got my C905 on the 29th May after being assured the problems had been sorted with the handset. Today my friend rang me and suddenly their name had changed to chinese characters. Ended the call and proceeded to check my last calls and suddenly everything was in characters. I decided to see if turning my handset off and on again would help … mistake!!! Now it will not charge, says the battery is not a Sony Ericsson battery (I haven’t changed or touched it!!!) The battery bar has gone white and all of a sudden i have no network coverage! Before i received the call i was on the internet and texting! The battery is lasting 1 day. I have had problems before with the screen going black but came back on again … I’ve always loved sony phones … WHAT IS GOING ON???? Hopefully either O2 or Sony will get this sorted!

  72. keeley says:

    my phone is well and truly broken at first my memory card deleted all my holiday pics music and videos. then people couldnt hear me and then the other way round phones for you said i could send it back but theres a chance sony wont fix it because it has a crack down the screen from where i had it fixed the first time. also my battery was a little bit water damaged although its never been dropped in water. but obv. my problems are the same as every one elses so it cant be from either of these. and now my phone switches on but the screen stays black. iv emailed sony and they still havent emailed me back so i dont know what to do. any ideas?

  73. i,v had my c905 for 3 months and all i had was trouble.
    the phone will not switch off afrter the call has ended,the speaker won,t work unless i switch to main speaker,it freeezes,when i call out there is a delay in ringing, and when you open the pictures they start to rotate on their own, bottom line is do not buy c905 because it is worth nothing, even if you get one for free
    your suplier will not exchange for another after one month,
    i think every one who has bought c905 ,they have to be compensated by sony ericson.

  74. Jamie says:

    I have had two since March ’09. The current one has been back to the shop 3 times now. Three speaker failures, crashing and the 3 button not working. Orange seem quite content to keep trying to fix it saying that it has to have the same fault 4 times before they will consider replacing it. Any ideas how I can get them to see sense that the thing is beyond repair?

  75. LILI says:

    Hi, i live in Greece. I bought c905 at October 2008 and it had problem with Dpad. After one month in the repair centre, they aggred to change it with a new one. The replacement had exactly the same problem. Finally they repaired it (i was 45 days without the phone). But that was last year… Now, i am again without the phone because of failure of the earpiece.i took it in the repair cente (before 24 days) and i wait… and wait…. They dont care about their customers. DONT BUY IT!!!!! (and maybe all other SE phones)

  76. Booker says:

    UK customer,
    Could only hold conversations by loudspeaker for about the past month and all of a sudden yesterday it decides that there is no network coverage, it refuses to charge saying “can only charge a sony ericsson battery” It’s the same bloody battery that’s been in there the whole time!

    Won’t let me access my contacts list, all my previous called numbers are showing up in japanese or something.

    I love this phone so I’m taking it to my mate who works in carphone warehouse in the repairs team tomorrow, if he can’t fix it then I’m going to get a new one from orange or sony ericsson. If they say it needs to be sent off for repair or what not I’m going to kick off and smash up the shop!

    They give me a working new phone (none of this refurbished crap!) Or they’re going to be eating bricks!

  77. hi guys,

    i bought my SE c905 copper gold here in saudi arabia for almost a year now the only problem is the slider it’s wobbly and the keypad back light aren’t working, that’s the only problem here so far reported. I hate chinese products SE is made in china so it’s understood guys that it breaks easily no quality, chinese products simply sucks.

  78. ***** W A R N I N G *****

    Don’t ever buy any product that say’s ” Made in China ” and you will regret it for sure, chinese products are low quality because the manpower there is cheap so you’ll get a cheap result common sense….!

  79. laura says:

    hey, does anyone know about the third fault and the have to offer an anternative??
    does it count if you have 2 faults at the same time..
    a couple of months after i got the c905 the speaker went nd had to put everybody on load speaker… now the 7 button is sticking and the back light chooses when it wants to come on…..

  80. Anna says:

    Jesus, where do I start with the problems with mine
    5th time its been back now (T-Mobile)

    1st time – Buttons bust, phone kept freezing n wudnt charge

    2nd time- Same again and sim card couldnt be read

    3rd time – Buttons bust, speaker blew out

    4th time – Same again, screen kept flickering

    5th time (now) – Keys wont work, earpiece blown out and screen constantly flashes on and off

  81. lee b says:

    im now on my 3rd c905 due to tmobile telling me that they wont change the handset for a different one but they can keep send me the same old bag of dog excrement.all the c905s sent to me have all had the same faults, phone turns itself of at least 5 times a day sometimes mid call, signal dissapears for no reason, phone keeps saying insert correct battery,phone keeps saying insert sim and the best one yet is when it goes off and comes back in chinese subtitles WTF!
    absolute bag of crap,very dissapointed, ud think by now se would of taken the hint and modified the phone or replaced it with one that actually works. rant over,nuff said!

  82. Libby says:

    I have had my C905 since Dec 08 and I’m sick of things going wrong!!!
    1. Speaker problem, sent away and fixed
    2. At least once a day goes silent without being put on silent mode :/ there is no ringtone or message alert tone and vibrate turns off.
    3. Screen goes black and it restarts
    4. 9 key and # key only work intermittently
    5. Signal flips from full to no signal even when not moving around, grr frustrating!
    Am on a 2yr contract so stuck with it for another 14 months 🙁 🙁 🙁

  83. Hayley Barlow says:

    This phone is absolute pants! The returns service with O2 is disgusting. Firstly they would not collect when the speaker phone broke, I had to take into an o2 store and then collect once the phone had been returned. Phone was ok for another 2 months, then all my contacts were in Japanese, I turned the phone off to restart, then it asked me for the correct sim, then it couldnt retrieve a network, After the screen constantly blanking out from trying, the battery needed charging – but for some reason when plugged in, it asks me for a sony erricson charger?? spoke to o2 and they wont return, as I still have the original old school sim card. They will first of all send me a sim, then I have to rephone for a return.

  84. Tracy says:


    I have had problems from the start with my c905, thing is today the 9 button started sticking! This will be my 7th c905 that I am getting delievered on tues! But I will never get another phone, I have been offered the Samsung Toco, Samsung Pixon and the LG Renoir, not good enough Im afraid, I got the Sony because of the excellent camera. And in my opinion no other phone matches up and I am not really a fan of the touchscreen either, the other problems that I have had are buttons sticking and I got sent a replacement that had a dead pixel on screen, I am with Orange network and they have been very helpful through this.

  85. Joe says:

    I`ve had my c905 over a month now..bought as an unwanted upgrade off ebay..
    fantastic camera,mp3 player,wifi etc all great…BUT it shuts off all the time n is a swine to restart which to say the least is annoying,majorly dissapointed with se`s “flagship” cam phone….
    Now my problem is… who do i send it to for repair??? the ebay vendor has vanished

  86. Alan says:

    Hi, and like others i wish i’d seen this site in april when i got my c905.
    speaker problem on mine too, earpiece not working, only on speaker phone.
    looking at techie forums, there is a small ribbon cable that attaches to the mic at the bottom, and loops through to earphone speaker – which after repeated sliding of the slider-becomes either worn or dislodged.
    When you slide the slider up, and firmly press bottom centre – speaker on earpiece works! so-its either poor quality ribbon, or loose fitting.
    Got phone through dial-aphone, and reeading this forum, and others-really dont want to start pissing about sending away 2 3 4 5 times for more problems. going to phone o2 now, and ask what they will do. SALE OF GOODS ACT does apply, and the cost of the phone on a contract is not relevant, as its an offer to encourage take up on the operators network-cancel the contract early, and youy’ll find out its not free as you have to pay the balance on your term.
    I’ll report back when i’ve spoken to them.
    thanks for contributors on here for info,.

  87. Alan says:

    Well, spoke direct to O2. They advised take phone to local O2 shop, will be sent off for repair.
    Also told me that C905 has now been withdrawn due to high volume failings mechanically and software faults.
    So, 5 working day turn around for repair, with loan phone guarantee, gotta go with it”!

  88. Graham says:

    My phone has presented me with the following faults over the last 5 weeks:

    The 3 button on the keypad is broken. You have to press very hard to get it to work and feels completely different when compared to the other key presses.
    All my contacts have been deleted.
    I have no network coverage on this phone no matter which sim card or network is in the phone.
    All my bluetooth devices have been deleted.
    Names that are stored on quick dial appear in chinese text.
    When original charger is plugged in the phone displays a message that the charger is not original and will therefore not work with the phone.
    The cancel button on the slide bar is broken. You have to roll your finger over it to get it to work.
    When on a call the caller’s voice vibrates and is difficult to hear as if the speaker is loose so i’m having to use a handsfree kit for all calls.
    When the phone is connected to a PC the phone switches itself off after being connected for approx 2 minutes.
    Opening the camera shutter doesn’t always activate the camera.
    Unable to save any new numbers or indeed old ones that I have lost.
    All of my pictures/videos & songs have been moved to the phone memory from the memory card without being asked to and the memory card is still the option selected.
    Pressing the down button doesn’t bring up the contacts option (when this is empty it should display a message saying No contacts in list, seeing that all of my contacts have been deleted this message doesn’t appear either).
    The battery life has always been very poor (36 hours is all it lasts on a full charge and i don’t use it to listen to music on).

    Carphone Warehouse just want to repair it (for free) but have no faith in this phone or the brand for that fact and wished that I had never moved awa y from my iPhone. I didn’t have a single problem with my iPhone but this one has been nothing but trouble and I’ve only had it 5 months!

  89. I have had nothing but problems with this phone.
    I sent it back for repair and it was returned to me stating that i had pressed the keys too hard.
    This has obviously stopped the speaker working and made the phone freeze. YEH RIGHT.
    Mr Vautier, do the honourable thing and replace these phones and ask your staff to stop making excuses.

  90. Raj says:

    I got my C905 two months back and last week it went blank and getting heated if battery left inside. No response from SE. Just repenting on choosing this damn phone.

  91. Graham says:

    After emailing Carphone Warehouse’s CEO I got a call from customer services and they have offered me a Nokia N86 as a replacement which I snappily accepted!! Hurrah! I am rid of this awful awful phone!

  92. Angela says:

    My phone is the W770i and the ear piece just stopped working. Can’t hear people speak but they can hear me. Phoned up Sony Ericsson and they said they have never heard of this problem. Aye right! Looking at all the comments above looks like it is a fault in the phones and Sony Ericsson should really get this fixed. I suppose they are such a big company a few people complaining will not have any effect. I will just take my business elsewhere.

  93. roxanne says:

    I have had this phone for about 6 months now, first it kepps freezing so off it went for repair, then the speaker went couldnt hear any calls unless on loud speaker, off it went for repair, fones4u told me i should call the repair centre to lodge a complaint about it being sent off again – utterly useless incompetnant staf, received awful cutomer service and was told it wasnt up to them and i need to contact fones4u. Fones4u said it wasnt up to them it was up to the manufacuter and that it had to be sent off 3 times for the SAME fault before i could get a new one. Today wifi has broken on it, went in to fones4u with a bee in my bonnet,w as told had to be sent off 3 times for repair – not for the same 3faults. Told them i wanted a new phone and to get someone who could issue me a new handset. They called customer services and they are sending me a new one finally. I dont even want this hideously awful phone i wanted a different handset but thwont give me one. not going with fones4u again, rubbish customer services they dont care how upset you get always the same ‘its nothing to do with me’ and ‘i would if i could’

  94. Joe says:


    After a few emails to SE i took the phone to the sony ericsson recommended service department,carphone warehouse in aberdeen,told the staff ALL the faults and got told it`s software,i`ve reflashed it myself 5 times now to no avail,they re re flashed it and said it`s fixed,2 seconds out the door it shut down………..
    Took it back in and got a frosty reception…
    reflashed again… even though i explained it would shut off even by closing the slide or camera cover..
    phone back in hand, failed immediately…
    the service ” engineer” then spen allegedly 40 minutes on the phone testing and inspecting it,when for 25-30 minutes he was chatting to delivery drivers in store.
    Now they`ve sent it back to SE.
    I`ve completely lost faith in SE phones and carphone warehouse “”service””
    I think i`ll be looking at n86 or similiar to replace this infernal phone.

    Sorry SE as a loyal customer for many years you`ve lost one now unless you can pull a blinder and give me a phone that works!!

  95. Ann Ward says:

    My C905 was bought for me last Christmas. It has been working well and I had no complaints, until a couple of weeks ago when the ear piece went dead and I had to have the loud speaker on. Then when I close the phone it did not cut off the calls. I returned it to Carphone Warehouse, who after a couple of days said it was unrepairable because of ‘water ingress’. That seemed funny because a Motorola phone I had previously was also unrepairable because of ‘water ingress’. Carphone Warehouse were not prepared to refund or exchange so I got in touch with Sony who also were of no help. I have written to Carphone Warehouse and ask them for a refund or replacement, if they fail to do this I shall taken out a summons in the Small Claims Court and take a copy of all the complaints on this site with me. Thank you everybody for contributing to this site, it will help me, I am sure.

  96. Vicky says:

    This phone is a pile of rubbish. ear speaker has gone off yet again 2nd time in 10 months also in between faults with ear speaker had faults with the key pad and phone freezing.

    Had 2 replacement hand sets phoned o2 before they are a pile of rubbish just like the phone. Was told all they can do is request the repair team to contact me but they cant say whether it by phone or email within 24hours. The person on the phone was useless told them unless it sorted putting in written complain as are in breach of contract as unable to provide me with a working phone.

    Never having another sony erricsson again and ive had about 4 previous ones

  97. Anes says:

    I haven’t tryed the phone but come on, ALL comments about the phone are bad, you make it sound as it was made of paper lol. I can’t imagine that SE would make a phone THAT bad.

    I read somewhere that it had faults for it’s first shipment which SE later fixed !?

  98. Andy says:

    I got the phone last january, thinking that by then they would have ironed out all of the bugs, as it had been on the market for a couple of months. And I signed up to a 24 month contract.

    What a mistake.

    The ear piece went dead first, then the phone refused to charge. And for the third problem, the display went haywire. It was showing everything upside down and in a mirror image. I took it back to Vodaphone in complete exhasperation, and begged them for an upgrade, a downgrade, or a sidegrade (?), basically anything other than the C905, and they refused, saying that I’m contracted to have that sort of handset until jan 2011…

    I’ve decided though, that seeing as my last 3 bills total about £500 all together, I’ll cancel the contract unless they let me change back to a Nokia or something similar…. I’m never touching Sony phones again. Does anyone have a reccomendation for a new phone? And also, can anyone see a way of escaping the Vodaphone contract without penalty fees? I like the company, and I’ve been with them since 1997, but this is getting REALLY frustrating.

  99. Stacey says:

    Hi everyone

    I have the C905, had it since December 08 and have had it fixed 3 times, forth time it broke i went straight to phones4u and am now waiting on a replacement phone..

    First time it broke was the earpiece,

    Second and 3rd time, the phone froze, told me i had no access to the network, thought i would leave it overnight and see if it corrected itself, went to put the charger in and a charming message came on the screen saying… “cannot charge battery, please insert sony erricson battery!” I phoned vodafone to complaing, and the customer service guy actually told me sony erricson had stopped making the phone due to all the faults.

    I am still waiting for my replacement handset through phones4you, its been nearly a week now… I certainly wont be going for another sony erricson, and if my new phone is not here by thursday i will be putting a complaint in against phones4u and A novo… the new company they deal with for repairs… but i cannot find a contact number for them to be able to track my new phone!!!

  100. colin kerr says:

    I have to put it on loud speaker to hear anyone, and now the screeen is all fuzzy, not impressed, seriously thinking about going back to nokia …..

  101. Michael says:

    Hey guy’s

    im on my 3rd C905 and guess wot…..

    ITS BROKE!!!!!

    O2 said to do a software upgrade again and ….

    my phone wont connect

    it was connected to my pc earlier and worked fine so why not now??

    first my W910 stopped working a month before my contract ran out so i got the C905 coz it looked really good and O2 sent it to the wrong address n i didnt see it again, so the sent out number 2 which after 2 weeks decided to die, ask for the right sim, then say “no network coverage” and all my files didnt work and all the menu text n stuff went from white to black n its still broke and got number 3 and the same has just happened!!!! WTF???

    what can i do coz i am actually fed up with this phone, i dont wanna give up my contract just dnt want this handset anymore!!

    please help

  102. Melanie says:

    Got this phone in February and almost immediately the button at the top of the camera shutter fell off. Worked really well since then although the battery does seem to die really quickly. Now the ear speaker has stopped working and i cant hear anyone although they can hear me. Frustrating! And also not only my problem it seems….going to try to get help wish me luck……

  103. Andy says:

    I have had my phone for bout 8 months now, never had a problem until last weekend. I had the phone connected with my handsfree in the car, got out of the car and reverted to normal use – all of a sudden the ear speaker has failed. I have reset the phone, tried switching it from loud speaker and back to normal use on numerous occasions; also reset the phone twice all to no avail!

    Tomorrow, on my day off I will be taking the phone back to Phones4U and demanding it gets repaired. Thankfully I have an old SE phone that is unlocked, so can use it with my T-Mobile SIM until I get this one back.

    All I know is that in 10 months time I will be going back to O2 and hopefully a trouble free iPhone!

  104. Ann Ward says:

    I have written a comment on this site a couple of months ago.
    Just an update.
    Because I own the telephone, when it went back , to the Carphone Warehouse, for repair of the ear piece and because it did not cut off the call when the lid was shut, they have said it is unrepairable because of water damage. This can be caused by steam. They have refused to refund the cost and have refused to do anything.
    I hjave taken out a summons in the Small Claims Court and will keep you all posted.

  105. Lesley Bowen says:

    I got my phone in March and have had no faults at all until 2 days ago when I try to charge it. I get a message which says ‘Battery cannot be charged, you must use a Sony Ericsson battery’

    It’s the battery it came with, has anyone else had this fault?

  106. nikki says:

    mine broke within six weeks speaker problem, rubbish 🙁 that was 6 months ago still havent had it fixed because i cant be without a phone for a week or two

  107. Michelle says:

    Ive had this phone nearly a year now, and hadn’t had any probs until recently. My key pad now sticks, so writing a text is almost impossible. Not sure if i can put up with this for another 6 months!!

  108. james says:

    had this phone a few months, wifi refuses to work, down button works as a hang up button; taking me back to standby if i press it even lightly, the ear piece is broken, sending and receiving of both picture messages and phone numbers is like playing the lottery, blahblahblah!

  109. kersache says:

    Will , I’ve got lots of problems:

    1-The phone wont charge
    2-I cant hear people speak
    3-It’s super slow , I CANT PLAY GAMES :@@@
    4-crashs a lot
    5-cut out durning calls


  110. Pam Nizzar says:

    omg !! i should have looked into this weeks ago !! i didnt once think that anyone else might have suffered the same problems as me !! duh !!!!!

    i had a problem with my c905 two months after receiving it as an upgrade phone from 3 and thus entered into an 18month contract with them with this upgrade !!!
    the first problem was with not being able to hear the caller calling me unless i put the loud speaker on ! i sent the phone to 3 for repair and they said they couldnt do anything – they also discontinued the warranty ?? i found this out only recently – saying there was damage to the phone !! i hadnt damaged the phone in any way whatsoever !!! however when the phone came back – it just seemed to magically work ok again !!! dont ask me ! I was just glad to have it working again and didnt think about the problem again until just now !!

    now – all of a sudden – for no apparent reason – the phone screen has gone funny – pixcels look like theyre having a rave party !! screen is doing rotations – mirror imaging – going completely fuzzy – completely blank and even sometimes working as if nothing was ever wrong – but in totalling random order and with a mind of its own !!

    having despaired at the level of service and help ive received from 3 network – i resorted to online program updates/backing up my media and data etc to my laptop – and after the xmas hols – first thing im doing is taking my phone back to sony ericcson !!!
    will let you know what happens

  111. Angry Matt says:

    Ok, the speaker on my C905 just died today. This was inconvienient because my car broke down in the middle of nowhere and I had to call for help. Except I couldnt hear anyone on the other end of the phone, so I had to turn it on loudspeaker to talk to them.

    This stupid phone is going back to vodafone this week and they’d better do something about it. I’m sick of the crappy build quality of ericsson phones!! I had a K850i before this, and it would randomly shut itself off at random moments and reset itself to “out-of-the-box” specs (would wipe all my contacts and data) so I upgraded to this C905 in the hope Sony would have got it right by now. But NO. The C905 is no better than the damn K850i.

    Sony, lift your game 🙁

  112. Fred says:

    Same here. Speaker died, had to turn on the speaker phone to talk to people. Cancel button works 1 in 10 times, usually stops working when you are halfway typing a SMS.
    GPS Wayfinder utter rubbish + license renewal for 1 year is almost the cost of the phone.
    WIFI worked once for about 10 seconds. The only thing that works on this phone is the camera, but its flash almost always causes red eyes even though redeye reduction is activated.
    Battery lasts about a day.
    So… I will never buy a Sony Ericson again (can I hear an amen?)
    If you are thinking about getting this phone, believe me, you’ll regret it every day you find something not working. Buy an Iphone, buy a proper GPS and buy a proper camera, chuck this junk in the nearest dustbin.

  113. Andy says:

    Got mine on contract with Orange just over 1 year ago when the phone was quite new to the market. First thing that went wrong with my C905 was that the battery life dramatically reduced after 3 months. It would go flat within 24hours without use. Orange replaced the battery & so far, so good. Just last month however, the dreaded earpiece fault occured. After being shoddily passed between Orange & SE, I have finally been instructed to send my C905 to SE for repair under its 2 year warranty. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a backup handset & Orange no longer provide loan handsets so I will have no phone meantime. Still, that should give me time to mend the tear in my jeans pocket & let the gash in my leg heal after one of the metal trim pieces peeled back & stuck into my leg when I was putting the phone into my pocket… Orange rather smuggly told me they no longer sell the C905 due to the large number of returns they had with it. Thanks for that. This will probably be my last SE phone & it will certainly be my last one from Orange.

  114. Lesley Bowen says:

    After my December post about the battery, I discovered if you take the back off and take the battery out and put it back in again, it will charge 8 times out of 10. Inconvenient but not the worst thing.

    Today my phone developed the same speaker related issues as everyone else on here. Can only hear people if I put them on loudspeaker. I have the double whammy of being contracted to Carphone Warehouse until Sep 10 with this phone.

    Internet connects about 50% of the time, otherwise I get the contact network operator message. I had gone onto Sony due to software crashes with the last Nokia I had and the trouble I had with that.

    CW are not renowned for their help and customer satisfaction, so God knows what will happen when I go in tomorrow to demand they get this phone sorted.

  115. Ross says:

    Has anyone had problems with the camera?
    at random times it goes onto the camera. Also my camera doesnt even work any more:( im not sure if its the button or the phone. also some of my buttons have stoped working on the left hand side of the keypad.

    any1 having similar problems?

  116. Sean Featherstone says:

    Got my C905 in 2009 (09W18 manf). I noticed that screen went black and nothing worked then it came back on again.

    It’s now gone haywire, the display has gone multi-coloured, scrolls, flickers and is unusable. Removing battery, SIM etc don’t work. Can’t read menu to try anything else. Just dreading taking it back to CPW as their after sales so far has been terrible.

    Reading the comments I don’t trust a repair by them and will fight for a straight exchange for another model. Wish me luck.

  117. Doug B says:

    I have had problems with every SE phone i have had. Which is a pity because they are really good to use – i suppose they are the Alfa Romeos of the phone world.

    I have had the charging problem with my C905, K800i, K750i and whatever the one before that was. Maybe time to go back to Nokia again next time.

    The latest one has mean that i have had 4 chargers and 2 phones and will now see if a new battery (both an original and a generic have been ordered) can help. Orange have been ok so far – but i am a narky git so that might be why! But my tether is reaching its end now with the while thing.

    Another disgruntled SE user.

  118. George says:

    where to begin…
    had my c905 since feb 09. started off all nice and shiny, phenomenal camera etc.. a week in, it starts hanging up at random on calls. next week the cancel button stops working, dead. few months on, cancel button starts working again. everything is fine. NOW the phone starts bugging out again, menu button is almost completely dead, the 5 button work, the cancel button sticks and heres what takes the cake, if its on silent you have to fight with the phone which asks you over and over whether turn in off. if not, it goes straight to the ring volume and raises the volume. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PHONES!!!!!!!!!

  119. bill moranon says:

    got this sony c905 for my 17 year old son from ebay. the seller was chinasources. the ad read brand new unlocked. he loved it at christmas. december27 the speaker died. called sony, they offered to fix it, then sent it back as ‘warranty void, due to altered software’ after calling to speak to the supervisor, he tells me that it was common for the model…the ear speaker. what a bunch of crock! if sony knows that the speaker was common with the unit, they sould have repaired it any way, right? if this was a car, there would be a recall. After a long devoted sony fan, this does tarnished the crown. Back to MOTO, NOKIA, BLACKBERRY, even SAMSUNG…BUT NO MORE SONY!

  120. olie says:

    hi, im having the same problems aswell , my c905 has already broken once because or the software freeze and now its just broke again – it now wont charge and its ran out of battery so now wont turn on .
    any help please ? any ways of fixing without having to take it back ?

  121. sue says:

    My 2 year contract c905’s camera slide cover was faulty from the start but livable with. Bits started peeling off pretty soon. The speaker croaked last summer, so got a SE PAYG phone (with teeny memstick) while I waited for vodafone to repair the other one. The phone came back with random wildness of the up/down button, random flashing keyboard. It settled down so I wasn’t fussed. But now I want to use the push email feature. Downloaded SE instructions, opened c905 email account settings which offer AOL, Google, Sky and nothing else. Discovered Gutenberg project offer java ebooks for SE phones, so downloaded one to the c905–the phone won’t display all my files on the 8Gb memstick, so can’t see let alone read ebook. First mobile was Nokia Communicator way back. That croaked. Carphone Warehouse & Nokia between them total miscreants, so went for SE T29–happy with SE ever since. But looks like I’m stuck with rubbish phone for rest of contract unless I can take on vodafone. PS Oh yes, looks like USB connector’s failed now.

  122. Av says:

    I’ve had the exact same problems as other people here. Had my phone for a couple of weeks, then the earpiece stopped working an the down button and “C” button were very stiff. Sent the phone away for repair to Tmobile and 1 day after it came back, the screen stopped working. Received a new C905 the next working day (from TMobile) and a now a few months down the line the screen has gone all fuzzy / multi-coloured. They have told me to take it back to a Tmobile shop … hopefully they will let me change to Nokia or Samsung

  123. Joe says:

    I am having the same problems with my rubbish C905, i was just wondering what did people do next, ive already sent it off to Sony to be fixed. The problem still persists, has anyone gone to Sony and asked for another handset? what should i do?

  124. Mark says:

    I’ve had so many issues with the C905, im onto my fourth time of sending it away for repair and i still keep getting the same old problems. The speaker fails, my earphones wont connect properly, it wont fully charge only upto 93% which lets face it isnt a good standard

    Im considering calling up or try to get in touch with sony ericsson and telling them seeing as how ive stook by having sony ericssons, ive had the W810i, the w850i the c905 (repaired 4 tyms now) they should issue me with either the latest phone out or recommend a phone that has the same basic qualities, becuz im losing faith with sony ericsson

  125. Mark says:

    The C905 must be the best, yet worse phone i’ve ever had!

    I also had 4 phones, one because the camera shutter fell off and three times due to software failure, and all signal being lost! My WIFI has now stopped working on this handset after I decided to accept an Orange software upgrade prompt!

    Best thing I ever did was get insurance on the phone, it has certainly paid off!!

    When it works, the camera and particularly the Xenon flash is superb, and better than most of what is currently on the market still.

    Thankfully I have now had an upgrade and have gone for the iphone 3gs. Camera is not a patch on the C905 but hey, how can anyone complain with all those apps!!

  126. miky.deel says:

    he yo tambie he tenido proble con el auricular de mi c905 por segunda ves es una porkeria este celu debo escuchar las llamadas por el alta voz por el valor k tiene en el comercio deberia ser perfecto

  127. Stacey says:

    My phone suddenly switched off and now won’t come back on. When i charge it the camera button flashes blue and so do the top two buttons. The phone is also detecting its being charged by going red on the side. Is anyone else having this problem as this is the third time its broke, its ridiculous!!!!

  128. CP says:

    My charger/ earpiece socket and one of buttons on left of keypad stopped working soon after I got my phone. Today the speaker went so, like most of the posters here, have to switch to speakerphone to hear people. Got the phone originally because of high camera spec, but is really not worth the hassle of the basic phone function problems. Back to Nokia for me!

  129. Vicky says:

    I am on my 4th or 5th handset and I just thought i was unlucky with my phone!, first time the speaker broke so i had to have every call on loud speaker, then the screen just went on my replacement phone, then it just wouldn’t turn on and I have just had this new hadset for 2 weeks and it turned all my call list into japanese or something and when i went to turn it on and off to see if this fixed the problem it now wont turn on. it flashes light and buzzes for a breif second then nothing!
    i am in australi and most places dont offer this as a handset anymore so every time i get it replaced by my phone provided (optus) i have t wait almost a month for them to get one sent in. But because i am only 14 months into my 24 month contract i can’t get a new phone without incurring a $500 fee.

    quite ridiculous really.

  130. Roscoe says:

    well for some reason my Girlfriends C905 wont get signal an we cant get into the fone book at all keeps crashing aswell for no reason the bill has been paid so no reason for it not to get signal an other than a crapy down button that gets stuck every thing els works any 1 els having these problems???

    1. Rachel says:

      Mine is exactly the same today! started having problems this morn with the phone book, then it lost the number for voicemail, so I turned it off and on again (hoping it would "reset" it!) and it did not accept my sim ofr ump-teen attempts, now I've mamaged to turn it back on I have no signal and no contacts.

      1. Stuart says:

        Had exactly the same problem tonight, taking some pics, went into the phone book and it just froze! This is my 3rd C905 and if it wasnt for the camera i'd have given up months ago. Its a joke! Now i'm phoneless and probably lost all my contacts. Grrrrr

  131. julie says:

    Ive had my phone 18 months and have had numerous faults, i stopped counting at 10. speaker goes on the phone so you have to use loud speaker, the screen went blank another few times, then another occasion there was so signal, now i am having to use celotape to hold the charger in as the phones not charging unless u hold it in. and the past week i have been sending text messages and random people not in my phone book have been receiving these texts which as you can imagine has caused some embarrasement. totally at the end of my tether thank goodness my contract ends this month. the phone shop have not once expressed any sympathy just agreed with me that the phone is of poor quality and agree to send it away. usually up to two weeks at a time. it has put me off binding myself into future phone contracts and would encourage anyone not to get this phone.

  132. nathan says:

    I've had mine fora little over a year, i've had 2 speaker repairs, number 3 on the keypad stopped working and a few weeks ago the phone froze in the contacts section and i lost all my numbers. My only saving grace is o2have lost it whilst it's in for repair so i'll be getting a different handset.

  133. Gerard says:

    I was on my second c905 when it broke again,it kept displaying the message application error snapfish prints and then the speaker went and it wouldnt pick up any signal.I took the phone back to the o2 shop to get it repaired,it was sent back to me with a letter saying my phone could not be repaired because "it was physically damaged".I contacted o2 and they said i would have to buy a phone because i broke mine,makes you wonder how you could break a faulty phone.really disgusted with the service given to me by o2.

  134. Jo Marsh says:

    I, too, have had a few of these phones, with all the irritations and faults already described. Decided to have a go at fixing one myself. If you buy a cheap toolkit, and a generic speaker for a few quid, this seems to do the trick. Also the pads under the keys need replacing as the originals are too thin, flatten out, and stop returning to their original position. What annoyed me the most was the top left key, ie the options key stopped working Try living without THAT one! ….. BUT the camera is stunning. Amazing detail, wonderful photos that are definitely superior to my rather more expensive camera, and the flash is great.

    What is appalling is not the fact that the phone fails regularly, although that is bad enough. It is the fact that SE should have admitted the faults immediately and recalled the phones. Since most of us found faults developing almost immediately, surely SE must have had the same problems? I am sick to death of big companies using the general public as a testing ground, having taken a lot of money from them in the first place. Likewise companies such as phones4you, orange, o2 should be utterly ashamed of the way they are treating their customers. With disdain it seems. Why should we pay for a phone that is faulty, take it back, and remain phoneless while they attempt to fix it? If it's faulty, give us a new one. There and then! We are being treated like mugs, all of us, and it's time we did something about it.

  135. Maggles says:

    I had one of these phones about a year ago and experienced no problems until three weeks ago when the earpiece problem happened. Since then it also won't load applications, won't upgrade software and the code memo won't work. I don't have it at the moment as its away being repaired. We'll see how it goes when its returned.

    I have to say though I have loved the camera. The quality on zoom isn't great but when not on zoom its fantastic. I do wish they gave you more options with it though, ie to be able to choose the iso and shutter speed yourself.

  136. Macca says:

    hi all my C905 has recently done something i have not seen posted in ANY of these posts. My display has completely flipped upside down and mirror'd… The display also flickers into the Negative mode for photo.s even in the normal menu view. has anyone heard anything similar..

  137. Bobby81 says:

    I've had this phone for the last 11 months now. Im on my 3rd one. The first came and after a couple of months I couldn't hear anyone through the earphone and had to have them on speaker.(a problem that appears several times on this forum). The second i had for a day before it just turned itself off and wouldn't come back on. Now the third one has a load of black line interferance when I press any of the central buttons.
    Really love Ericsson phones but have returned several of the last models i've had.
    Vivas next month, lets see….

  138. Rita says:

    I have had my sony ericsson for 9months now i have never had a problem with it until now , all the writing went chinese i couldn't get into my phone book and now i have no network coverage , i have master reset it and now everything is working apart from the network coverage and it does this with every sim card i use , has any got any idea how i can solve this thanx

  139. My son's C905 has been unlocking itself (with the slider down) while he has it in his pocket and makes calls without his knowledge. Has anyone else had this problem? O2 have subsequently charged us an extra £25 worth of calls this month. When I spoke to their customer services to query the charge they did not accept that the phone should NOT unlock itself if it is in a person's pocket!

  140. Juan says:

    Worst Phone ever!!!!
    I have one, great features, great camera, Terrible Service, Probable they used "Chip" materilas , chip parts, I call Sony ericsson about this phone… THEY HAD THE NERV TO DENY ANY MALFUCTION ON THIS PHONE"

  141. Simon says:

    My c905 can't find any network and refuses to charge saying it wants a sony ericsson battery which is already in the phone ? It is out of warranty now (typical) has anyone sent their phone back ? what was the prices like for it to be fixed ? please reply Thanks………………

  142. AndzH says:

    probably the worst phone I've ever had! I'm currently on my third model, which has recently just died. 1st problem, the light behind the center panel remained on, even when the phone was off, draining the battery in next to no time. After o2 took an age repairing it, it was returned with the same fault! After getting a replacement phone…another C905, buttons froze, the center panel buttons were tempremental and bits even fell off! Then, the third model, it worked fine for just about a year, must have been lucky there, but all of a sudden, it wouldn't read my sim. Even when I was given a new sim by o2, it didn't work, but works perfectly in my old K750i, which I've reverted to using. Thankfully it's the end of my contract next week and I won't be touching an Ericsson again anytime soon. Anyone know of any decent phones that can be recommended?

  143. butterfly9601 says:

    I'm on my third C905 (first two were doa) and have had this one since October last year. About 4 months ago my applications and games wouldn't open then code memo wouldn't open. It was telling me that I had the wrong battery in it and my sim card was no good so I called Sony Ericsson to report the issues and get some feedback. The lady was extremely rude to me and I asked her if there was a problem with this model; she told me that my question wasn't relevant to the call! I said it was exactly why I called! I've been told by other people at Sony Ericsson to do a software upgrade and even that won't connect. I've been living with these issues as neither Sony or Rogers will give me a new phone because I've had my phone more than 30 days but now my screen won't work at all. I sent a text no problem the other night and when the reply came in it went sideways and chippy and then all went black. I've tried shutting it off and taking the battery out nothing works. So I called SE again today to tell of my newest issue and was told again to do a software upgrade. I told him it doesn't connect so he told me to take it in for repair. I definitely got taken in by the great camera. It was the only reason I upgraded from my w810i besides the fact it only charges by usb now…Don't think I'll buy another ericsson this one was too much trouble.

  144. Darryl says:

    I got my C905 in May 2009 and a few months after I started having some minor problems, such as it turning off in the middle of calls. I sometimes wouldn't get texts through for days, or I had to turn my phone on and off for the texts to come through. However around December it decided that it was going to give me no signal at all, which wasn't exactly ideal as at the time it was my only means of communication as I live away from home. It did this a few more times and I realised if i completely reset the phone it would sometimes work again. But this was very annoying. More recently it started to be a pain charging and just wouldn't charge or after 5 minutes of charging come up that there was an error and it needed to be unplugged. However yesterday someone text me and it came up that the memory status was full. I was a bit confused because it's never ever been anywhere near full and i've had a lot more texts than I had at that time.. So i clicked ok because it prompted to delete some. My phone crashed. Turned it off and turned it back on, the battery bar was completely white with no colour in at all. The time and date reset itself everytime the phone is switched on and off. The phone keeps saying it has no network coverage. About 5 different themes are being used on the phone at once. It won't charge ( I was trying so I could trade it in for a cheap phone until i can afford to get a better phone) keeps saying that it needs a sony ericsson battery which is exactly what is in the phone! After about 2 minutes of trying to do anything on the phone it just crashes.. and if you click to play a song no sound comes out! I loved this phone when it was working right, especially the camera. But how can so many things go wrong at once?!

  145. kerry says:

    so pleased i googled about my speaker going on my one…………… now i can clearly see that it is a fault with the phone and not me. sony ericsson have refused point blank at all to fix my phone, saying that it must of been my fault it broke. seeing all these comments has really ticked me off. how can sony ericsson get away with this…………………………. we should name them and shame them on watchdog!!!!!!!!!!!! it is scandless paying good money for a good quality phone for it to break the way it is. i have basicly flushed hundreds down the pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. elaine says:

    i have had this phone for nearly 2 years and now the ear pices has broken and they say its going to cost more than the phone is to replace now so i have no phone unless i speak on loud speaker not goood i weill never have another one i will go bk to nokia

  147. Gary says:

    We bought phone in Dec. 2010 and three months later (March 2011) the send buttom broke into two parts.
    They say it is Physical damage and want $89.00 to fix. I WONT BUY THIS PHONE AGAIN!!!

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