New iHeartRadio streaming radio app available for BlackBerry

IHeartRadio has now released a new streaming radio app for BlackBerry smartphones, and comes with some cool built in features such as locating local radio stations via the BlackBerry handsets GPS function.

IHeartRadio enables the BlackBerry owner to save favourite radio stations as well and even tag them so you can locate them easier next time round.

The iHeartRadio app for BlackBerry also incorporates a lyrics look up feature powered by GraceNote, and features a great looking UI, but there are still a few minor bugs in iHeartRadio which will be sorted out over time no doubt.

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One thought on “New iHeartRadio streaming radio app available for BlackBerry”

  1. Nick Moore says:

    Love it, great app especially for the radio music lover. Great selection of various types of music; will be good for my trips to the gym or on my commute to work. Best of all – it was free. Music quality is good, I think this is a great app and look forward to more reviews! A+

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