Nextel Motorola Stature i9 On Sale: Price and Features

The Nextel Motorola Stature i9 is on sale right on contract right now for only $199.99 after rebate, (Regular price is $399.99, Instant savings of -$150.00, Mail-in Rebate -$50.00 means the whole new price is only $199.99.

Ok so what do you get for your money? Well the Motorola Stature i9 mobile handset features Direct Connect, stylish design with 3.1 MP and 8x zoom auto-focus Camera and is very slim indeed. The main specifications include Nextel iDEN-powered Direct Connect, Group Connect, Web, email capable and GPS enabled.

Other features that are worth mentioning include Speakerphone, Voice dialing, Memory card slot, External display, Bluetooth, Multimedia Messaging Service, Direct Send, Built-in MP3 Player, Java Applications, Text-to-Speech, HAC compliant, NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM and much more. Please check out the Nextel Motorola Stature i9 on sale right Source“>here.


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  1. pedro garcia says:

    i would like to buy a nextel i9 motorola phone, i already have a 9 months contract with sprint but i do not want to extend my contract, what can i do to get a cheap i9?

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