Apple iPhone 3.0 OS: what does it include?

With the Apple iPhone 3.0 OS it appears that Apple have been listening to their iPhone toting customers and developers as Apple has incorporated over 1000 APIs into iPhone 3.0 OS.
So just what can you expect with Apple iPhone 3.0 OS? Here we have a rundown of some of the new additions…

First the much awaited Copy & Paste function is now added to the Apple iPhone and works by double tapping on the initial word you wish to copy then you get grab points that you stretch around the wanted text. This is followed by a cut and paste bubble above the highlighted text.

iPhone 3.0 offers better Bluetooth without pairing thus allowing multi-player gaming and file sharing simpler, these Bluetooth headsets will become available soon but as yet no word on fully size keyboard usage.

Google Maps include turn by turn GPS although developers will need to bring their own map data as licensing via Google maps is still not allowed.

The landscape keyboard now gets bigger and the API has now been opened up to developers.

The iPhone gains Push Notifications thus allowing developers to notify users on additional content and also deliver subscription based content via auto-notification.

Spotlight comes to the iPhone with its ability to search your entire iPhone including contacts, emails, messages, apps, calendars, photos, notes and the music library.

iPhone 3.0 delivers Voice Memos, a new audio recording app which can use either the built in mic or external mic via the dock connector and the software will allow basic editing.

Now with iPhone 3.0 the iphoner will be able to forward and delete individual SMS messages and now also includes MMS messages for contacts, images, Vcards, and audio and location mapping info.

Apple iPhone Safari gains anti-phishing along with parental controls, auto-fill for forms and an abundance of language support.

New APIs will now enable 3rd-party peripheral makers to construct custom apps that can connect via the dock or Bluetooth, while current APIs are opened up to public use via the SDK.

Source — theinquirer

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