Apple partnering with LG on OLED iPhone/netbook

A new rumour claiming Apple and LG is partnering to produce OLED displays for a new Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch along with a netbook which is supposedly at working prototype stage, along with a rumour of a wafer thin screen that links wirelessly to a content providing box is making the usual rounds on the net waves.

This rumour comes via David Richards of Smarthouse who doesn’t actually have a great rep for getting this sort of information correct, also it doesn’t quite tally with previous rumours that Quanta is providing display screens for the new Apple netbook.

Of course its not beyond the realms of plausibility that LG is indeed partnering Apple in one venture ot another, but as LG is likening Kodak’s OLED tech for future handsets maybe they aren’t quite suited for Apple’s demands.

Source — smarthouse

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