Outside iPhone App Store: GetJar 10M Downloads for eBuddy Mobile Messenger

The world’s leading independent app store, GetJar has announced eBuddy Mobile Messenger has hit the landmark of 10 million downloads, and has jumped to this landmark milestone via GetJar due to high demand while employing GetJar’s ad downloading service.

GetJar’s pay per download advertising service delivered visibility to the eBuddy Mobile Messenger social networking app which resulted in drawing impressive numbers, which shows a large desire for mobile applications outside and beyond the iPhone app store.

The world’s leading independent provider of mobile instant messaging, eBuddy has sat at the No1 spot for 34 weeks on GetJar, and is available in 2 versions with 37 languages, the mobile internet browser version eBuddy Lite Messenger and the popular J2ME version eBuddy Mobile Messenger.

Utilising GetJar’s pay-per-download service delivers first-rate visibility to millions of GetJar developers and users. GetJar’s pay-per-download ad service enables brand owners and developers to produce downloads of their applications and drive traffic to their website, and allows them to bid for premium catalogue placement and set maximum daily budgets.

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