Should Dell purchase Palm to go against Apple iPhone?

Three analysts have said it would make sense for Dell Inc to purchase Palm Inc. Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu said Palm could be the target that allows Dell to get into the smartphone market.

Recently Dell put forward their Windows Mobile smartphones to several mobile carriers and they showed no interest in Dell smartphones due to lack of design.

Sramana Mitra, a financial consultant also recently put forward factors that would favour a union between Dell and Palm and stated that Palm could not take on the Apple iPhone alone and that a union between Palm and Dell would dramatically change that equation.

So what do you thing readers, should Palm join with Dell to compete with the Apple iPhone?

Source — Reuters


3 thoughts on “Should Dell purchase Palm to go against Apple iPhone?”

  1. Personally if Dell buys Palm I won’t be buying anything from them. I dislike Dell’s products all together. There is a reason why phone companies shut them out, they have no imagination and their products are stuck in the past. Palm is finally breaking out and needs to stay the course and release the Pre as well as other phones running WebOS and they will be very succesful.

  2. I’m not this confident about that possible acquisition, I think Palm can do it for itself very well, and sometimes some financial consultants just say that because that day both companie’s stocks would go very high!

  3. Jason says:

    I think it would be good for the stock price (obviously), but DELL would be terrible for the actual PALM products. I suppose if they made PALM part of their high end business products line it could do OK, but if it becomes another commodity like Dell’s cheap Dimensions computers it would be awful. I think PALM should just wait it out…a successful Pre launch will put them at the top of the smartphone market.

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