Can a jailbroken iPhone be updated to iPhone v2.0 or higher?

Some jailbroken Apple iPhone owner wrote into the guys over at cnet asking how he could upgrade his jailbroken iPhone’s firmware from v1.0 to v2.0 or even v3.0.

Well the guys obviously ruled our any updating to iPhone OS 3.0 firmware as only developers get hold of it at the moment and won’t be in the public iPhoner’s domain until summer.

However this doesn’t solve the iPhoner’s problem up upgrading the jailbroken iPhone, and as he can’t upgrade via the Apple iTunes App Store as it will stop the iPhone from being jailbroken. So it seems the only way to upgrade a jailbroken iPhone is to upgrade to v2.2.1 and after jailbreak the iPhone once again.

However, if anyone out there knows of a way of updating a jailbroken iPhone to v2.0 and up and would like to share that knowledge feel free to drop a comment below.

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