Apple in trouble again over more patent lawsuits

Apple is facing numerous lawsuits concerning the Apple iPhone’s camera, the iPhone’s e-book capabilities and the way the iPhone accesses the iTunes according to a report via Information Week.

Companies have files a lawsuit claming Apple is infringing patented tech for the Apple iPhone camera, the displaying of e-books and streaming content to the iPhone. It is alleged by Accolade Systems that Apple is in direct violation of a CMOS patent. The lawsuit also claims Micon and Aptina Imaging are infringing on a way for the iPhone camera’s sensor to determine saturation.

In another suit, Affinity Labs is claimed Apple is infringing on 3 patents to do with sending content to a portable device wirelessly, and states tech used for streaming music and the transfer of voice mails is in violation of patent law.

Monec Holdinng has also filed a lawsuit, this time for violation of their patent for a “lightweight” electronic device with a “touchscreen” LCD display and the Apple iPhone’s ability to display e-books.

Apple as usual has not commented on pending lawsuits as is their policy.

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