BlackBerry 8900 on T-Mobile gains Pandora with update to v1.0.1

Now here’s bit of good news for BlackBerry smartphone owners, and in particular owners of the BlackBerry 8900 on T-Mobile.

The guys over at BerryReview are reporting that Pandora has now been given an update from version 1.00.00 to version 1.0.1, although there has been no official announcement and the change log has not been made available.

This news now apparently means BlackBerry 8900 users on the T-Mobile network can now get on with some Pandora love. So if you download the Pandora update feel free to let us know how you get along with it.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry 8900 on T-Mobile gains Pandora with update to v1.0.1”

  1. zeropest says:

    I downloaded the pandora app for 8900 and T-Mobile, and sop far its great. By comparison to Slacker, Flycast, Iheart, and Norbex Pandora is now my top app. I ran the app on EDGE with no bars and it sounded perfent, no rebuffers or stammers. The playlists workerd well with feature artist playing every 12th song or so. Again Pandora is now my top dawg in music apps.

  2. snake holly says:

    I can confirn Pandora working without a hitch on my Blackberry 8900 through Edge and Wifi…. Been using for a couple days now, I love it.

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