LG Arena KM900 in Titan Black exclusive with T-Mobile UK

The LG Arena KM900 smartphone hit Europe some ten days ago, and now according to MobileBurn, T-Mobile UK has nabbed the LG Arena KM900 in an exclusive black hue.

The word is the T-Mobile LG Arena KN900 will hold the formal name of Titan Black while everything else with the mobile handset will remain as before.

Actually most already knew there would be a black version of the LG Arena KM900, we just didn’t know who was going to get it, but now we do, and T-Mobile UK will probably push out the Titan Black LG Arena sometime later this month.


2 thoughts on “LG Arena KM900 in Titan Black exclusive with T-Mobile UK”

  1. Really liking this new Titan Black edition Arena, looks almost gun-metal grey rather than black – pity its only on T-Mobile, hopefully its a limited time launch period and the other networks will get it later?

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