Official: Free Skype for Apple iPhone

As of sometime on Tuesday the official free Skype for iPhone application will at last be available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

The guys over at Cnet got the chance to speak with the Skype app for the Apple iPhone principle engineer before the announcement was made as CTIA 2009, and they say that although most of the Skype for iPhone features aren’t too surprising there are a couple of capabilities absent but a few iPhone perks which are good to see.

Skype’s iPhone app screens are well organised and utilise the iPhones ability to use filters such as sort by who’s online or the iPhoners contacts alphabetically. Skype calls on the Apple iPhone only work though if in range of a WiFi network, and won’t work over the mobile phone network for on the iPhone, so for more of this overview nip over to their website.

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