Black and Decker PI100AESB or Vector VEC414S 100 Watt Micro Slim Power Inverter

The Micro Slim Power Inverter turns a vehicle’s 12 volt DC power into household 115 volt AC power which makes it ideal for mobile phones.

Spec wise, the Micro Slim Power Inverter has a maximum continuous power of 100 Watts, output 115 volts, input 13.8 volts, modified wave form, powers up to 0.87 amps, and features low battery shutdown to prevent battery drain, LED indicator, single AC and USB outlet powers, and is ideal for mobile phones, PDAs, MP3, laptops and digital cameras.

The Black and Decker or Vector Micro Slim Power Inverter comes complete with a one year warranty and you get 2 of each inverters, 12 volt DC vehicle accessory adaptors, detachable 2 prong adapter cords, airplane adaptors and a protective carry case, and all for $24.99 via Woot.

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